Samsung Experiencing Surge in Profits Thanks to Galaxy

Samsung has reported a quarterly-profit of over $4.5 billion thanks, in part, to the release of the newest Galaxy smartphone. While Samsung is one of the world leaders in technological gadgets, the demand for the Galaxy S has helped Samsung surpass mega-giant Apple in gross profits. If you’re wondering what makes the Galaxy S so popular, here’s what we’ve discovered:


If Samsung has gotten anything right with the Galaxy S3, it’s the phone’s stunning design. The Gorilla Glass 2 screen, hefty battery cover and polycarbonate shell give the phone a solid but light-weight feel when held in the hand. Two color options are available for the S3: Pebble Blue and Marble White. While both are absolutely gorgeous, it’s expected that the blue offering will quickly outsell its white counterpart. The curved edges of the S3, along with its elongated home button, will be familiar to old-school Galaxy users, reminding some of the original Galaxy S.


When it comes to smartphones, the screen is king. With an HD screen that is as big as the palm of your hand, you’ll find it hard to tear your eyes away from your phone. The Galaxy S3 has a 309ppi pixel density, a high contrast ratio and gorgeous color reproduction. In fact, the newest Samsung is so impressive; it’s rumored that the new Apple iPhone may be taking a page from Samsung’s design book.


Even though many people don’t like to admit it, a phone is still a phone. The ability to place and receive a clear call is still tops on the list for the average cell phone user, and the Galaxy S3 doesn’t disappoint. Smart-dialing, video calling and some of the clearest sounds over Bluetooth make the newest Samsung phone on the market a true communications tool. If you’re looking for a phone that actually behaves as such, this Samsung model should be your first choice.


As smartphone find their way into the hands of more and more people across the nation, Internet usability has become a real sticking point. With the latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, synching across the Google platform has become almost scarily easy. Blazing fast speeds and crisp, clear site displays make browsing the World Wide Web a joy on the Galaxy S3.


Unlike other phones that require third-party add-ons for great video playback, the Galaxy S3 has a stock player that outranks every competitor. With large buttons, a responsive slider and a wide range of supported files, there is no smartphone available on today’s market that can rival this video player. With Super LCD 2 technology, Samsung’s newest offering may even rival your television when it comes to the perfect screen for your favorite movie.

With features like those above, it’s not hard to understand why Samsung’s profits are soaring. While other companies may have need for worry amid the world-wide recession, even slow television and computer sales haven’t hurt Samsung, thanks to the Galaxy S3. In fact, sales in Samsung’s mobile division contributed to over 60 percent of the company’s profit. We think that you’ll understand why as soon as you get the S3 in your hand.

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