Grand Theft Auto 5 News Update

Cop chases, burglaries, action, awesome vehicles and some engaging missions; now, these were some of the instances of the game, which your mind thought of when you read the title right? I knew it, GTA fans are one and alike, ‘the bro’s and the mates!’ And, the next installment of the game, which carries a lot of expectations on its shoulders, is the Grand Theft Auto 5. This game has been into a lot of speculations, ever since its announcements in 2011. So, as a loyal fan of the franchise, I will hereby share some of the snippets from the upcoming game.

Decoding the trailer

The trailer shows the probable protagonist speaking up about his wishes to move away from the life of an ever wanted criminal towards a normal kinda life. He opens up his thoughts and explains about his desires to be a good dad, buy a new house and shift to a better neighborhood…ending his conversation abruptly or rather incomplete. This has given rise to a lot of speculations. What we can decode are probably these – Could the protagonist be someone from one of the earlier installments of the game, is the protagonist new with a bitter past or does the game unfolds itself into a flash-back-narrative type script? What could it possibly be?

The spot and the plot

The game will revolve around the city of Los Santos, which is a recreated-rendered version of the modern day California. The city will include locations around surrounding hills, pristine beaches and the old counties. Rockstar claims that, this game is one of the most cherished and biggest games created till now. And, as far as the plot is concerned, the story will most probably revolve around the protagonist and his search of the Almighty dollar. Now, the question is what could be the probable meaning of Almighty Dollar. Is it the Codename of the villain or is the game truly inclined towards money making or rather stealing!

The gameplay

As you know, this open-world-free-roaming-action game is known for offering some gripping game play. And, with the latest, we can for sure expect something more. So, first let’s look at some weaponry. The game has always offered a range of gore weapons like chainsaws, Kung-fu sword, a chef’s/butcher’s knife apart from the regular arms and ammunitions. So, this time, the weapons could get much realistic like lasers, assault rifles and much more.


The third word of the game title has always been a priority for the developers. Every installment of the game witnessed certain advancement in the range of vehicles. Like GTA 3 was devoid of motorcycles, GTA 4 came as a slashing answer with its comprehensive range of vehicles. From the trailers and screenshots, a few vehicles are clearly visible such as the helicopter and the airplane. The other autos may include utility vehicles, convertibles, jet-skis and motorcycles.


Sources reveal that the game’s multiplayer option will include “crew” feature just similar to the Max Payne 3 title. This feature will allow you to either add a crew or create new customized crews with your friends. The main intention of this feature is to create cross-title clashes. However, further information is yet to be revealed.

The game is as interesting and exciting as its trailer and I’m sure fans can’t wait to get their hands on this title. With people claiming the game to release by E4 2012 or late 2013, nobody knows the actual launch date. So, with abated breaths, let’s wait and prepare for some no-stoppin’, power-packin’ fun! Thus, GTA = Gaming Treat for Anyone and this times it’s gonna get 5X! So, watch out fellas!

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