Why YouTube App is being dropped from Apple iOS6

If you have been an Apple product user throughout their many operating system update changes, the very first screen shows varying default applications. This includes the Stocks app, Videos, and YouTube.

The icon behind the YouTube app was an old television and not the standard logo – a staple of an Apple gadget icon. However, it was announced this week that the app will not be featured on the upcoming iOS6 platform.

According to a brief statement released by Apple, the reason for the drop has to do with the expiration of the license that Apple had with YouTube. The expiration only applies to the new OS update, and will not affect anything that was on iOS5 or before. Also, there will be a YouTube app still available (currently being developed by Google) in the App Store. Also, this app drop will have no bearing on being able to use YouTube in Safari.

As one writer had discussed in a PC Mag article, this could be a good for any consumer. Why? Even if you were a regular user of the YouTube app from previous versions of iOS, you’re going to be getting a better app in development. It is a “web app” that was designed during the first version of iOS, and other than a few updates, that app really just stayed the same.

As a result, a non-default app will be good for the consumer, due to it having presumably more modern abilities that are close to the freshest web version of YouTube. Also, you will be able to update more at your own convenience.

If you never used the app, then there’s really no reason why you should even care in the first place. There has been some other talk that not having an automatic app means that YouTube is taking a risk since there could not be as much traffic going to YouTube. However, this doesn’t really make any sense, since if someone really wants to use YouTube, then they are going to use it one way or another.

The big release of the iPhone 5 is slated for September of this year, and with that, iOS6 will be on that device. Following this is going to be the iPad Mini – the much talked about new iPad that many had has many people talking and wondering about if there can be an adjustment with a smaller sized-iPad.

The YouTube drop comes after the big news that happened earlier this year about Google Maps being removed from iOS as well, after Apple announced that they would be starting their own mapping program.

Getting rid of YouTube is more-or-less a minor change in Apple’s system, but it does show that by evolving from new platform to platform, additions mean taking some things away as well.

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