EA’s SimCity Preview

Every one of us, at some point of time, would have had this secret desire to be “God”. Controlling the world and making it a better place to live have been everyone’s desire and wish. Though it is not possible in the real world, games in the virtual world, have allowed us to catch a small glimpse of the feeling – “Becoming God”. And, EA’s Sims series are one of the best role-playing simulation games where the pleasure of being God takes its best form.

Though games like Metropolis, Civilization and Tycoon City: New York have experimented with this genre, SimCity stands apart due to the addition of minute yet unique concepts, game play and ease of controls. And, this time, Maxis and EA Sports have teamed up to revive the old Sims City franchise. Scheduled for a 2013 release, the game introduces to the world, a new engine named Glass Box engine, designed to provide a better graphics and a real-world locations. The upcoming installment offers the players to integrate their games with their friends and have a common play-world. Plus, the game also features the long awaited and wished concept in the Sims series- Curved roads.

Your world, your city!

Though, constructing a housing community is the primary goal of the game, the upcoming SimCity also enables the users to witness new Sims migrating to their city. The Sims will have their own place to stay, their personal favorite shops and their workplace. Many notable features from the earlier versions of the game have been given a fresh layer and included.

Apart from residential areas, the game also allows the players to build industrial districts. These industries have been designed to be built away from the housing locality, so that there are no affecting pollutions. Now, that’s a responsible addition to a game. Furthermore, laborers can be appointed to these industries and work can be extracted from them according to the needs.

Developers claim that, they have also increased the size of the Sims world in this upcoming game. This is due to the integration of online play, where players can play together and build neighboring cities and play with a common approach. So, more players mean more space requirements. Players can even interact with each other in the game. During the demo, representatives of the game specified that the players can play a much cooperative game like sharing the power grids for their cities and several features that are multiplayer oriented. The representatives also built a common airport by sharing their workers.

But, everything cannot go well in the city. With an attempt to bring enhanced real-life scenario into the game, the developers have also imparted a major issue, which is currently faced by us – Crimes and law violations. The developers showed the gathering, the presence of police inside the game. With a little help from the Glass Box engine, the game attempts to beautifully bring out several crimes of real world like littering, graffiti and even bank burglaries.

The game sure looks great with its added features. This game is bound to be a favorite among those who wish to get a God-like feel. So, let’s await its release and enjoy the power of being a Virtual God!


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