Will the New Ouya Knock the Reigning Gaming Console Giants?

Are you sick of having to pay $300 or more for a new console? Does the thought of spending $50 to $80 on a new game that has great marketing, but poor game play, just make you irate? Do you hate that all of the best games are now either on the computer or smartphone? There’s been creative bankruptcy in gaming for years. People argue about when it started, but the fact is that new games aren’t fun.

Ouya is trying to change that. Ouya is a new console that is currently in the funding stage, and it promises to change everything about the gaming industry. Their manifesto sounds idealistic, but they might just have a point. The people on Kickstarter seem to think so. The Ouya has raised over $5 million within a few days, and there are still two weeks left for more funding. Let’s get into the details of this revolutionary new system.

Open Developing

There are two reasons why most new developers prefer making games for smartphones. The first is because it is much easier. There is no need to use proprietary systems, and the developer is not restricted to the policies and rules set by a company. The other reason is cost.

Game developers have to spend an extravagant amount of money on licensing fees to make a game for the PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii. It keeps most of the innovative developers away from these consoles, but the Ouya is different. This is an Android-based system that takes games that are uploaded on mobile devices, and it allows players to play them on a TV.

Mobile Games on the TV

It might sound like a really bad idea at first. Mobile games are meant to be played on a small screen, so how will they do on a much larger monitor? If you watch the demo video for the Ouya, then you will see that the games actually look very good.

According to Ouya’s mission statement, they know that gamers love playing on the TV. There is something special about playing on the big screen, but that is being lost because the games for the big consoles just aren’t that fun. Ouya promises to bring the creativity back by opening up the platform to new developers.


Price is a major factor for the Ouya. The Ouya developers understand that people don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars just to play some vapid games, and this has caused them to make the price affordable for anyone. How much would you be willing to pay to have every Android game on your TV?

If it’s over $100, then you’re shooting too high. The Ouya is going to be just $99 when it comes out. The games will also be free. Ouya representatives have promised that each game will be free, or there will at least be a free demo to try before paying for the game. Most Android games are just a few dollars, so you won’t have to pay that much for a new game.


The Ouya’s specs don’t look that great at first glance. The Ouya beats out the systems when it comes to RAM. It has 1GB, while the other systems have about 512MB each. The processor is about half as fast, with most systems being at 3.2GHz and Ouya only at 1.4GHz. The Ouya only offers 8GB of internal memory, but the Xbox 360 and PS3 both offer over 100GB of storage.

You need to remember what the Ouya is made for. Ouya is made to run Android games, and they don’t need the massive amount of resources that Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii games need. They also don’t require much memory, so the 8GB storage should be just fine. The processor used for the Ouya might not be the fastest, but it is the Tegra3. This CPU has been optimized for gaming.


Can the Ouya destabilize the established gaming order? Considering that most people are tired of the creative bankruptcy of gaming and the excessive pricing, it has a good chance. It might not be the strongest or most impressive system, but it offers something that both developers and gamers have wanted for a long time. A creative platform that isn’t hard on the wallet.

If you are tired of wasting hundreds or even thousands on bad games, then consider picking up the Ouya when it comes out. This small little console might soon become the cornerstone of your room.

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