Connect PS3 Controllers to Your PC with Few Simple Steps

PC gaming has never become outdated. Game developers around the world keep on making efforts to build advanced games and gaming devices with keeping in mind the need and requirement of each type of age group and interests. A good game seems incomplete without a good quality controller. There are lots of people who are crazy about PC games and will go extra miles to buy a good controller for their PC.

Quality controllers allow the players to play their game more comfortably, as they do not have to jolt around with 50 type of keys on the keyboard. Perhaps, people spend good amount of money and additional time to find controllers specifically designed for their PCs. Not many people know that their play station 3 controllers can also be connected with their computers and are relatively best for playing computer games. Installing and configuration may be a matter of concern for many of the people too. In this article, we will guide you with a step by step procedure that will help you to connect your PS3 controller to a computer.

Steps To Connect PS3 Controllers with PC

1) Plug the small end of the mini USB port of the cable into your PS3 controller, and connect the other part (standard) of the cable to computer.

2) As soon as you will plug the data cable from both the ends, Windows will start detecting the hardware and do the full scan automatically. Wait till the scan gets completed. You will be able to see a prompt window appearing on your screen on successful completion of the detecting and the scanning process.

3) Now download the suitable drivers for your PS3 controller from a reliable website. The name of the driver will be displayed on the top of the controller itself. You can do Google search by typing, “PlayStation 3 Controllers PC Drivers”, to find a reliable website to download the drivers from it.

4) A file for drivers will be downloaded in a zip form. Simply unzip the files and save them on the hard drive which is easily accessible. You can save these files on the desktop also.

5) Now double-click on the setup file and keep on following the instructions as directed to install the drivers.

6) Once the installation is complete, unplug the controller and restart your PC.

Steps To Configure PS3 Controller on PC

Switch on the computer and connect your PS3 controller to it using USB cable.

1) Do not touch anything unless the Windows detect and scan the full device. Your controller will get automatically connected on completion of the scanning process.

2) Now, click on Start and go to Control Panel of your computer, followed by pressing the center button of controller (PlayStation button).

3) Now, click on Game Controllers and select the icon Play station 3 controllers from the options given on the pop-up window.

4) Explore each tab on the window for configuration setup and change the setting according to your preferences.

5) Once you are done with all configuration setup, save the changes and exit from the window. Your PS3 controller is all set to work on your computer now.


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