5 Ways to Improve As an FPS Player

When it comes to serious gaming the genre of First Person Shooters (FPS) is perhaps one of the most competitive. The Call of Duty and Battlefield series continue to sell in increasing numbers, with gamers investing many hours in honing their skills in order to compete with the best. If you are an FPS nut looking to improve your abilities then here are a few tips that can help you move up to the next level.

Maximum difficulty

Whether you are playing through the story mode in single player, or playing online; make sure that you are playing at the highest possible difficulty. There is no point in cruising your way through missions or fragging hundreds of noobs without really having to try. In order to improve in terms of reflexes, strategy and even teamwork, you must be playing in an environment whereby a mistake will cost you your life.

The right equipment

If you have never used a headset complete with full size ear cups then you can be forgiven for thinking that they are perhaps a little over the top. However, once you have given them a try, you’ll be left wondering how you have managed without them. Suddenly you will be able to pinpoint exactly where those footsteps are coming from, before the enemy sneaks up and humiliates, you with a knife kill. You will also be able to locate where the sniper that is taking pot shots at you is hiding.

In addition to purchasing a suitable headset, you may even want to consider buying a new control pad from a third party provider. There are now excellent alternatives to those provided by console manufacturers, many of which are designed specifically for FPS games.  These pads often include additional buttons for easier access and the ability to remap buttons to your preferred layout.


Now that you have got yourself all the right equipment to help you become a gaming god, use it!  There is no point sitting there breathing heavily down the microphone, without communicating with the other players on your side. Teamwork is a huge benefit in many FPS games, especially the likes of Battlefield 3. You must use your headset to let your squad members know what you are planning and to ask for their help when you need it.  The more people you talk to, the more you will end up with on your friends list. And the more frequently you play with these friends, the better you will become at working as a team.  Being able to communicate with other players is also great for asking their advice over certain kit setups that they might be using, or how they did something cool that you can’t quite get your head round.

Don’t leave too soon

Every now and then you will join a server that only has a few other people on it, or that is totally empty apart from you.  Standard practice here is to leave the server and find one that is fuller. However, spending 10 or 15 minutes on the server before you move on will give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge. So maybe you will have a little wander around that corner of the map that you never seem to get to; finding a few sneaky hiding places as you go. Or perhaps you take the opportunity to fly around in the helicopter for a while, practicing your pilot skills without having to worrying about being shot out of the sky? Take advantage of the empty map whilst you have the chance.

Watch the pros in action

Our final suggestion is to spend some time watching videos of the pros in action. The best way to do this is to watch the best clans competing against each other in organized matches.  By doing this you will pick up all kinds of tips, from great camping spots to using C4 in ways you had never even considered. You should also spend some time watching videos on YouTube, even if the poster isn’t a member of a well-known clan. You are sure to come across the odd gem that helps you start thinking in a different way and some of the tutorials posted on there can be very useful. If you are struggling in a certain area of the game then do a search on YouTube; you are likely to find a video that will offer you some advice.


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