Are You Geared Up For Metal Gear Solid 5?

Metal Gear Solid or ‘Metaru Gia Sorrido’, in Japanese, and usually shortened to MGS, is a ‘stealth action’ video game. It was released in 1998 by Konami Entertainment, the chief developer for Sony’s PlayStation being Hideo Kojima. With its cinematic event sequences, stunning graphics and the exciting gameplay made it an instant hit with gamers, selling over 6 million copies. It also immensely popularized the stealth genre of video games. Later many different versions of the game (like Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes) were released; for PCs, Nintendo Cube, Xbox, and so on.

Metal Gear Solid game series follow Solid Snake (the main protagonist), a soldier, on his various missions, while he tries to remain hidden from his enemies.

When the hero comes within range of enemy vision, alarms go off, and the enemies converge at that point; the alert mode is now triggered and he has to hide, going into ‘evasion mode’. When the enemies give up looking for him, thinking he’s not there, the ‘infiltration mode’ starts, and Snake can continue on his mission.

The game has now made a transition to 3D.

When Metal Gear 3 was released, Kojima announced it was the last in the series. But he went on to make no.4 anyway.  If the UK version of the official PlayStation magazine is to be believed, then Metal Gear Solid 5 may very well make its appearance soon.

IG Magazine on the other hand reports that Kojima himself confirmed that there would be a fifth edition of this highly popular PlayStation game series. He also said that it would be powered by the new FOX engine. Apparently he and his team feel that developing this new game will enable them to test the new FOX engine.

According to Kojima, the hallmarks of the Metal Gear Solid games like espionage, infiltration, and getting people to do you favors, are all included in this version also. He supposedly did this because he likes the idea of social interactions in the game.

He also clarified that it has no connection with the ‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’ game.

Some fans of the game are a bit surprised at this announcement because they feel that MGS4 had wrapped all loose ends in Solid Snake’s story.  Whether this will be touted as a prequel is still unclear. If the story picks up from where it left off, then Solid Snake is going to need some age reversal treatment, and come out of retirement to boot.

Nothing has been said about the release dates, and it is possible that the developer might want to wait for a hardware upgrade: PlayStation 4.


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