Top Five Gaming Apps on the Android Market

Gaming is one of the top features of many of the android smartphones, as the application developers use the Java platform as this enhances the game features. The games available either for free or paid versions come under various categories, such as war games, puzzles, mind games and racing games etc. Although your mobile comes with the inbuilt games you can download many others from the android market. However, for this you need to possess an android phone that is affordable through the latest mobile phone deals available. The top five gaming apps that are rated highly by most of the android users are listed below:

  • Angry birds

This is an amazingly popular game that has attracted thousands of android gamers to enjoy what it has to offer and subsequently people get really addicted! The developers have proved their role by presenting such a simple yet professional game that keeps the player gripped. The levels are challenging which makes you strive harder to win. For a beginner this is the right choice to have such an impressive game on your mobile.

  • Avatar Fight

It is a simple game that was developed by MMORPG that provides a war field where your strength relies on your additional features, through other players that possess the complementary skills. This would be the best option for the gamers who choose simple action with subtle graphics that include innovative stages and a sophisticated plotline.

  • Fruit ninja

This is a game that provides an element of mental peace when you are frustrated or angry, by cutting the fruit into pieces. It has the features that offer you deep satisfaction through slicing the fruit into tiny parts. It includes chopping explosives, sparkling, glowing watermelons, bananas, apples and many other fruits and your finger tip acts as a samurai sword. The combination of pleasant graphics and quality sound effects improves the mood of the gamer. All players love this game irrespective of age.

  • Temple run

The game includes an Indiana Jones double, clutching a golden icon. It is another highly voted favorite game where the player needs to run away escaping from various evil eagles and gorilla monsters by swapping and titling your path avoiding the hurdles along the way.

  • Adrenaline

It is a racing game app that needs an extremely huge 600 MB file to be downloaded to initiate the gaming experience. It offers sharp graphics with awesome sound effects including cars and bikes that go through the beautifully designed track that renders complete HD feel.


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