EA’s NCAA Football 13 Game Review

EA’s version of College Football is finally here and is here to stay! The game developed by EA Tiburon comes out as a sequel to the popular NCAA Football 2012 game. Any sports based game has its own expectation among its fans and this game handles the pressure and succeeds with ease. So, let’s check out what the game has to offer:


One of the factors that make this game a hit is its graphics. Completely smooth, no crashes and amazingly true to life characterization. However, the graphics also need attention at certain places such as the stadium terrain, where the grass just looks like Spirogyra, repeated crowd and motionless camera men. The part before the game starts, where the teams come out of their bases cheerfully carrying winning hopes has been really well made. Overall, a decent graphics!


Ever since its preview, this game faced several issues with the primary one being game play tweaks. The core game play will make you tap your joystick or your controller device like never before. The game offers a realistic game play where the opponents are harder to beat and are always keen in taking you down. So, all you have to do is carry the ball and forge ahead like a raging bull. I know, that sounds easy but isn’t! While, the other game modes are comparatively the same as their previous versions, the Heisman mode is a feel good change. This mode allows you to choose one from 10 of the former Heisman champions and compete with any team of your choice on a modern scenario. The reaction time allows you to slow down time to get that extra leap ahead of your opponents, break defenses and sneak through the last man. Now, these champions become much more powerful.

Other notable game play changes include modifications in quarterback positioning:

  • 20 brand new quarterback drop backs
  • 25 pass zones
  • Number of new quarterback tackles
  • Over 400 new animations on passing
  • On the passing front, the players will have a ready indicator which allows you to judge which player is ready to take the ball, so that you may pass it to him and proceed forward.
  • Inclusion of three new teams in the game.


The game offers a crisp audio throughout with intricate details to announcements, intros, fights, cracks and injuries. The commentary is monotonous, similar to any other sports games. Maybe, we can expect this to change in the upcoming series.

Online mode

The online mode, like its previous installments allows you to create personal conferences, create your own leagues, sign or renew contracts and much more. If there is one thing that has been added or changed to the online mode, it is the recruitment process. This change makes it simpler for you to increase your school’s reputation and get recognized.

Overall, the game is a hit that manages to recreate the exact magic of a college football effect onto your screen. It’s good to see some healthy changes to the game. Better graphics, core game play, new modes and good graphics engine make this game much better installment than its previous version. So, go for it if you want some non-stop action-packed sports game.

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