Grand Theft Auto 5: Screenshot Examination

Even with all the anticipation of the new episode in the GTA series, there have been a limited details released by Rockstar Games. They haven’t even given us a release date! Although they’re not keeping everything secret, when Rockstar does release anything, the blogosphere is quick to do an extremely in-depth analysis of every possible scrap on information. This week’s release of some GTA V screenshots reveals some insight.

First, let’s look at the general theme of all three pictures. The background detail is stunning. If these are game-play shots, WOW.  The background includes an amusement park at the Santa Maria pier (let’s hope we can explore that!), a very detailed street-scape, and a fuzzy, but large city viewed from the air. These lead me to believe that the playable area will be gigantic. We can only hope.

The three screenshots reveal some interesting bits. Let’s take a look of the first shot – a bike rider on a road bike. There doesn’t seem to be a derailleur on the rear wheel, so it might not be a racing bike, but instead it looks like it might be a fixed ratio bike. That’s like the hipster version of a road bike – mostly used by bike messengers and city riders. Previous GTA titles let you ride mountain and BMX bikes, which weren’t the best for city tours. So, this new version makes sense. It’s what the city riders tend to use, so riding around the city may play a bigger part of the game. The other thing about this photo is the outfit. That’s serious riding gear – does that mean there are more options for custom clothing? And the most important question – can we do bike stunts?

The second shot shows a Cheetah (or is it “Cheeta”?) that looks like it’s in the middle of a skid/slide.  In most of the earlier episodes of the GTA series, there was a car called the “Cheetah”, so it’s likely that the final letter is blocked out by the light reflection.  It’s hard to say how much detail will be given to the car. The smoke from the skid looks okay, but there aren’t any skid marks on the road. Maybe they’re working on adding them – if they’re not making skid marks, it will seem odd. The other thing to note about the car is the San Andreas license plate. So the story will probably take place in and around San Andreas / Los Santos. The license plate reads “56PMA440”. I searched the net and couldn’t find any references that made any sense – so it’s probably just a random plate – only the future will prove if it means anything.

The last shot, of the plane looks interesting – like it’s a combination of an F-18 and an F-16. I tried some photo-manipulation on the image, but it didn’t reveal anything. The plane’s six missiles could be interesting. And the two large under-wing attachments could be bombs, though to me, they look like fuel tanks – for bigger explosions when you crash?

Rockstar says they’ll be releasing more screen shots this week. I hope we can get even more details from them!


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