Darksiders 2 Game Review

The game that created waves in the industry, when it was released two years back is now back with its second installment titled “Darksiders 2”. This action-adventure game published by THQ rolls out as the sequel to its earlier blockbuster installment and is available for any platforms such as the PS3, Xbox 360 and even the Wii U!


The story is the continuation of Darksiders 1 and begins at a point where “War” is arrested and is charged guilty of his crimes. In this game, players take up the role of “Death” who sets out on a mission to prove his brother War’s innocence enduring and encountering brutal beasts and demons on his way.


Well, the game pretty much resembles several different titles in different parts such as the episodes that involve solving puzzles remind you of the Prince of Persia franchise and the combat and the backdrops often remind you of God of War and Warcraft franchise, however, the game manages to deliver the fun that it is known for, in its own way. The game, unlike its predecessor, is repetitive and does not streamline on the storyline. Most of the time, it asks you to go to a place and get a couple of these, then go there, get couple of those! (You’ll know what the “things” actually are when you play the game) After a point of time, the game seems to become monotonous and you end up wondering about the actual story.


Though the game makes innumerable attempts to make combat as appealing as possible, it is sad to mention that it succeeds only partially. Yet again, the action sequences get repetitive (now, it’s going to get repetitive over here). Death, as a character looks mighty but is not as fatal as his name. The skull-masked warrior owns two weapons in this game – the primary and the secondary (cheers). While the primary weapon is fast and cannot be separated from the main character, the game offers several secondary weapons to choose from such as the hammers, claws, spears and much more. All you have to do is pull out your weapons and start chopping off your enemies like you chop carrots for a salad! It doesn’t take much time to get used to the fighting technique as it is the same throughout.

The game showers in some range of bosses and evil enemies; some of them can re-grow, some of them measure sky-high while some of them are simply too furious in their attacks. But again, all you have to do is just use this simple technique- dodge and attack (which is quite fun). And, at any point during combat if you think you’re character is helpless, you’re wrong! The game has added a new feature that allows you to call in some demons from hell for you assistance, whenever you think the game is getting to hot to handle. A nice addition!

Similar to other games, the game also allows you to gain experience points as you progress. These experience points will help you fetch some interesting new moves and skills that may be useful to make some bosses bite the dust. And, speaking of dust, Death’s pet bird which is named as Dust comes in as a great assistant for the players. Dust helps you in finding the right path in some areas and also provides general navigation instructions in the game. Yet another creative innovative addition the game!

Graphics, Sound and other stuff

Overall, the game is decent in graphics and presentation style. However, there are a few bugs or hitches that pop-up here and there. The backdrops and the in-game location at some parts look shockingly similar to one another. Death, bosses, the Horse are well crafted but while others seem to be ignored. The game excels in the sound front where Death’s voice over have come out incredibly well. The BGMs are grand, but at times you feel they are wrongly placed. Overall, the game has decent sound tracks and effects.

The bottom line:

Well, this is hard. The game has all the ingredients to leave the users with a lasting and a mesmerizing effect. But the thing is that, these ingredients have been used so much that they begin to seem monotonous. But, despite the flaws, the game manages to deliver the fun and thrill as it intended to, thanks to its new enhancements and a gripping (epic-dramatic) storyline. So, go for it if your main intension is to fight enemies and bring them down irrespective of the concept.


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