Online Soccer Games for the Avid Sports Fan

Online soccer games are a great way for avid sports fans to enjoy the rush of the game! One of the first computerized football games was Football Manager. This gave soccer lovers the experience of being a manager of a soccer team. The gamer gets to customize the teams, position the players, call plays and do everything a team manager or coach does. That was way back in 1982, nowadays soccer games have come a long way and are packed with action, loaded with impressive graphics and other interesting features. There are quite a few games to choose from. If you are interested in soccer games online there are a few awesome ones you should check out.

Most online soccer games share the same idea. You pick a team, and manage them as if you were the manager of a soccer team. Some are played on an international level, just like a true soccer league. Some of them are just a little animated character running and kicking a ball on a green screen. Some of them are played against a computer, and in others your soccer team plays against another team that is managed by another gamer.

An all time favorite is Power Soccer. With this game you get to come up with your own team and play against real world leagues and teams. You can join teams and compete for trophies and have a pretty sophisticated soccer experience. This is a game that can be played with multiple players, and is great for fans who love to shout commands from the grandstands.

One of the oldest soccer games is Hattrick. It’s great for kids who are learning the game, and just beginning to understand the whys and wherefores of soccer. Naturally, it’s enjoyed by soccer fans of all ages. This is another manager game. You get to pick players from 128 countries, and comprise your perfect team, and manage your players just like a manager would in a real life team. This game is very simple to learn and play, which is why it’s a favorite for young gamers and soccer fans.

Many of the online soccer games are available for download for free. You can download the games to any personal electronic device and enjoy them from anywhere. Soccer games are a great non violent alternative for parents who want to keep their kids away from more violent and aggressive games.

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