iPad Mini Predictions & Rumors

Though computers became portable in the form of laptops, it was tedious to carry them in bags which were heavier than school bags! Something light and easy to use was invented by the computer barons Apple, the device was iPad and blessing in disguise to many. Its touch screen, lightweight, design, enhanced communication, anytime research and cloud computing made it an instant hit among users. In short, it offers the world in the palm of your hand. There have been different versions and the latest release is iPad 3. Before the iPad 3 could be taken out of its classy white box, a fresh set of rumors that never seem to leave Apple is spreading like wild fire!

This time it is not about the next version of iPad, but a completely revised product from Apple: the iPad Mini. As the name suggests it is going to be smaller than iPad and bigger than the iPhone. How far can we believe these ‘rumors’ and what can we expect from this compact device (if it ever gets released)?

When is iPad Mini going to be released?

Apple lovers are sure that Apple is going to come up with a miniature tablet versions.  There are rumors that the iPad Mini might be released with the expected iPhone 5 in September. All the Apple followers are getting excited with these predictions and are expecting this September to be showered with Apple products.

There are other claims that the Mini will be released later this year. However, many believe that it is unlike Apple to release two products simultaneously as it has never happened before.

What will be the likely cost?

The price of Mini iPads is expected to be between $250 and $300. Apart from the designs and features, Apple is also popular for their expensive prices. People contemplate the reduction of prices is to compete with other companies like Samsung and Microsoft who offer tablets for lesser prices.

What features it might have?

Two of Apple’s loyal accessories producers, Foxconn (motherboard maker) and Foxconn (electronic designs manufacturer) are rumored to already been briefed on the production of iPad Mini. The screen is supposed a 7-inch display with the same resolution as on the latest iPad. It is still not known if the Mini will function as an iPhone or iPad or if it is going to be something in-between! There are no more details (rumors) on the features yet.

Pre-verdict on the supposed iPad Mini:

Similar to other Apple products, the iPad Mini is expected to have a classy design, its silver signature color and loaded with features. It will definitely be interesting to see how Apple constructs a miniature version of their iPad. If it gets released, iPad Mini will be a stiff competition to its counter products manufactures by companies like Microsoft and Amazon. Will the rumors become facts? All we can do is wait and see as Apple like to keep things under a wrap until the release date! However, juicy rumors like this always keys up the Apple fans.


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