5 Best Sonic Wii Games

The ultimate woe of every Sonic fan from other consoles of Nintendo has been the lack of attention Sonic has received. Wii has removed all such complaints because Sonic has been all over it. If you are a Sonic fan, you must have had a gala time playing all those Sonic games launched by Wii. The following are the best Sonic games that you must play on Wii:

1. Sonic And The Black Knight – Sonic is known for its fast paced games and tricky loopy pathways but when you combine that with excellent swordsmanship, you get this brilliant game. If you have always wanted to explore the world of Sonic in a King Arthur era setting, this is the game for you. Explore Sonic in a new world full of moats and scale the huge castle walls across 13 different environments of the game. You would be using your Nunchuk controller and remote for swordplay to save Camelot and win the game.

2. Mario And Sonic London 2012 Olympics – This is the latest version of the game and has blown the mind of Sonic and Mario lovers. Not only is the setting very different from the kind we are familiar with but the change is refreshing and fun. The avatars are basically characters from both the game universes and compete against each other in the Olympic setting. Some of the games are the same as those of the actual Olympics but there are the “Dream” games which add a little something to the actual games and make them awesome. The background is real London and the game, overall, is a must play for all Sonic and Mario lovers.

3. Sonic Unleashed – This game has equal critics and supporters. While some parts of the game received accolades for innovation, some parts received much criticism for being slow and dull. However, the views have not deterred developers are Sonic is seen on Wii, trying to save the world from the evil Dr. Eggman. Sonic also has a beastly alter ego called Sonic the Werehog. This form appears at night and is slow and is the main reason for all the critical reviews.

The basic story is that Dr. Eggman has broken the world into pieces and Sonic must shine through all the difficult levels to emerge victorious in the end.

4. Sonic Sega All Stars Racing – Every Sonic fan loves racing games and this is the ultimate racing game. The environments include a medieval castle, cities and rain forests. Amigo, Dr. Eggman, Aiai, Tails and many other favorites of Sonic fans join in the game to win the race. Aiai races around in a banana mobile while others have different vehicles like planes, cars, bikes et al.

5. Mario And Sonic Olympic Winter Games – Go to Canada, Vancouver as this game makes you travel to the Winter Olympics games’ host city. The competition is very intense and fun as characters clash against a Winter Olympics setting, making the game very challenging.

The above games are some of the best Sonic games, as agreed by fans all over the world and they have made Wii even more fun than what it already is.

If you’re also bored during the vacations, want to kill time in office, wish to play games as an escape from your mundane life, or simply feel the thrill of being a kid all over again, you will never be disappointed by trying sonic games. There’s just too much spice and variety that our dear hedgehog have to offer to people of all age groups. You just cannot escape its charm once you get started. It’s addictive, fun, thrilling, and so much more.

So next time you don’t know what to do and have no friend to accompany you, better get the hedgehog to be by your side and revel in your “me” time than feeling sorry about yourself. Yes, the time just flies away when you have sonic games handy with you. If you do not have its collection, you never have to worry about it for now you can find them online at sonic games 365 and play whenever you want without paying a single penny.

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