Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review

Thumping heart beats, slowly progressing footsteps and a gripping suspense lurking deep inside our mind; these sensations always occur to us while playing first person shooter games and especially titles like Splinter cell and Counter Strike franchises. The element of surprise that prevails behind every turns and doors of these games have always made us think twice before we even proceed. The reason is the fear of death! And in Counter Strike – Global Offensive, it is through death that you learn the better ways of playing and navigating in the game. Developed by the combined efforts of Hidden Path entertainment and Valve Corporation, Global offensive title truly brings out the militant in us.

Unlike the other gaming title of its genre, global offensive is complex and solely relies on your skills and how you perform on the battle. Ardent gamers of Call of Duty will find this title a bit harder and requires you to change your gaming style to suit this title. Players of COD background will not be able to use the gun-while-you-run tactics and over the time realize that it is best to take a stand, aim and just trigger. Apart from reviving the maps that prevailed in its older version, also brings newer maps to the title. This is the first modification that has been made after several years. The new maps will ensure that you use your skill wisely using limited resources.

The game is basically a first person shooter based co-operative game. The game backs the concept that if you die once, you cannot comeback until the start of the next round. Global Offensive is clever in its co-operative mode approach because teams are minimal and the playable rounds are of shorter duration. Thus, instead of waiting for your turn, you have to just quickly plan a newer strategy and perform better.

One of the interesting game play features in Global Offensive is the combat style. It inclines away from the traditional open-the-door-and –shoot technique and makes way for strategic killing. Soon after the game begins, you will realize that characters who stand are more likely to shoot than the sprinters. And, the other additional enhancement is the usage of fire based weapons such as grenades and explosive cocktails. Use the explosives to burn your enemies down, scare them or make them take a different route. The choice is yours!

Maps in Global Offensive are wide and exciting. Though not as good as those legendary maps in earlier titles, the newer maps are in their way are promising. There is a new mode in this game called the Arms race, which unlocks a new weapon with every kill. So, the faster you kill, the faster you unlock arms and ammunition. But, unfortunately, the game has come up with only two maps for this feature.

The bottom Line

The game has good graphics in terms of explosions, dust, smoke and kills. Sounds are pretty good with real time recreation of rifles and sniper noises. But one of the winning elements of Global Offensive is its game play. With an edge of the seat gaming concept and amazing combat usage, this title is an absolute winner in the multiplayer genre and a must have in your collections! This game definitely deserves honor.


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