10 Best iPhone Action Filled Games

The number of games out there for the iPhone alone is astounding. You can’t go a second without noticing some new app that lets you shoot birds, draw pictures or feed virtual animals. If you’re up for something a little more action-packed and adventure filled though, take a look at these top 10 iPhone role playing games. You might find something new to try out or even a new version of something you used to enjoy.

10. Castle Age

If you’re looking for a casual play and a free role playing app, this one is a good choice. The artwork is beautiful and you get to play against other live players. It is both a RPG and Strategy game, filled with things to do without constantly have to make purchases.

9. Ninja Saga

Ever wish that you could have an action packed ninja experience? Who doesn’t want to learn ninjutsu and fight off powerful ninja enemies on missions? They also offer a pet feature, making this a cute role playing game to have. There aren’t that many action features, but it’s an interesting game to take a look at if you’re a fan of ninja anime.

8. Rune Raiders

This is a simple adventure game. There isn’t a world to explore, but the entertainment and ease of learning is worth not having a mythic, virtual world. All you have to do is slide your characters across the screen and watch what happens.

7. Dragon Lords

Build a kingdom, discover new technology and magic all within this simple role playing game. The app is free and offers options for gathering experience, leveling up and battling other kingdoms, all while enjoying the great artistry of the graphics.

6. Squids

Had enough with flinging birds at pigs? Try tossing around some squid instead. Sounds strange, but you’ll enjoy some good, clean fun with this game and be taken through an interesting storyline. It might be a silly game, but we all enjoy the occasional role playing game that doesn’t involve intense battle.

5. Dark Ring

Acquire servants, prepare for battle and steal other players’ loot. Enjoy this 2D quest filled role playing game with dragons and overlords. This game offers more than 100 creatures to collect and many solo quests to play. It’s a pretty good time killer and offers interesting artwork.

4. VR Mission EXT

This is basically the old metal gear solid games made into an iPhone app. Sneak into enemy facilities, steal Intel and complete missions. The controls have improved since their last version was out, and users are already enjoying the stealth action packed game.

3. RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion

Ever wanted to command an army to victory? This game gives you that chance. Discover the rich stories of the RAVENMARK world while fighting in battles and interacting with the characters. This game might not be 3D, but the 2D artwork is creatively crafted.

2. Order & Chaos Online

This is a true real-time, full 3D MMORPG experience. Experience a majestic setting and great action. Interact with a large community online through teamwork, fighting, trade and challenges. They have 4 races to choose from and each user can create up to 4 characters.

1. Infinity Blade II

It seems as if the original Infinity Blade is causing some grief among app users, but the sequel game is drawing some interested looks. The sequel offers more features like 3 all-new styles of combat; trademark character customization with new powerful weapons creation capabilities and social global challenges. Infinity Blade’s world holds more stories and secrets to discover in their sequel to keep the adventure going.


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