The Elder Scrolls IV – Skyrim: Hearthfire Review

For anyone who has already finished playing Skyrim, there is still a point in playing the game though. Downloadable content are available for anyone who wishes to continue exploring the vast, untamed region of Skyrim using their characters. But for a player who’s already grown tired of playing hero or perhaps playing the fearsome villain, the call of domesticated life seems too tempting to not pass by. For the month of September, Skyrim places adventurers on a whole new domesticated adventure as Hearthfire, another downloadable content that is geared towards players buying land and building the homes of their characters in the wonderful world of Skyrim.

Unlike Dawnguard which has the players guided towards a main storyline, Hearthfire lets players enjoy the life of a retired adventurer who obviously made some of the biggest changes within the realm of Skyrim. Whether you’ve been a good warrior or an evil one, the house or property that you bought in Hearthfire can be customized according to your liking. The creators of the said downloadable content wanted players to experience a different scenario in Skyrim, asides from the usual hack and slash fighting that most players do in this latest installation of the Elder Scrolls series. Anyway, I had the opportunity to try out Hearthfire and I decided to write this review so that anyone who wishes to try the DLC will have a heads up on what it’s like.

So, after downloading and installing the game, I realized that players will have to take different steps in order to start building your own dream house. I got greeted by a courier explaining my new abilities and news that the Jarl in Falkreath wanted to speak with your character. A mini mission involving bandit slaying will lead you to become the Jarl’s steward and the ability to buy a piece of land for 5000 gold. If you have saved some money during your previous missions, then that’s not a problem. If you don’t, then it’s time for you to take up some quests and start saving for your dream house.

Anyway, when I was able to get the 5000 gold needed (I’m a spendmiser in games. LOL), I eventually bought my very own place. Now, one good thing about Hearthfire is that once you already paid for your own plot of land, you’ll find all the equipment needed to build your very own house ready for you. There’s a drafting table, a carpentry bench, an anvil for blacksmithing, and the needed materials for starters. You also get a book that helps you with constructing your dream house. However, you are not directly involved in the actual process of building the home; instead, you find yourselves running errands in finding the right materials for the house. When you succeed in finding the said material, one part of the house is successfully installed already once you get back.

When the house is complete, it is actually divided into three sections. You have the freedom to decide what will happen to each of the room, whether you want it to become a trophy room of sorts or an alchemy room. I opted to place all the heads and trophies of the monsters I killed during my previous missions. The system is more geared though towards players in Skyrim who love collecting stuff, as you get to build cabinets for books and storage areas for your trophies. The only downside is that there isn’t much with the home furniture for the house, but I guess you aren’t going to stay around inside the house for too long, especially if you are an adventurer!

Well, Hearthfire was a refreshing part of Skyrim, since you could take a breather from the usual hack and slash part of the game. Would have loved it if they added more features, like more furniture and decors, but I guess this would have to do for now!


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