Apple iPhone 6 Release date and Features

First off, I am confused as to whether I should call the next iPhone as iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. Technically speaking, a lot of people believe that the iPhone 4s IS the iPhone 5 and that the incoming iPhone this September 12 is actually iPhone 6. Nevertheless, a lot of people are excited about the new iPhone.

With the speedy rate of smartphones being conceptualized and developed, it’s amazing how humanity communicates with each other with just a push of a button. But one has to think that these smartphones will evolve into something more practical. Therefore, a very interesting topic came into mind while I was discussing whether I would want to buy the new iPhone 5 or not.

What can people expect about the iPhone 6?

Development and release date

The iPhone 4s was released in October 2011 and now, the iPhone 5 is scheduled to be introduced to the public this coming September 12, 2012. So all in all, it only took a year for Apple to develop a new smartphone. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 might fall short with my expectations, as Apple’s rivals have been gaining momentum because of the iPhone 4s’ technical issues.

Now, the iPhone 6 would likely be developed within 2-3 years. Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, so the same thing could be said about the iPhone 6. Apple would probably invest a whole lot of money in order to fix the problems that most of iPhone 6’s predecessors had in the past. Therefore, the new iPhone 6 might be due for release around October or September 2015.

Features and concepts

The iPhone 6 will definitely have a change of look. I mean, come on: the iPhone became famous because of its sleek, elegant design and it would be ridiculous if Apple keeps on using the same design over and over again. Recently, a rumor of the iPhone 5 having a 4 inch screen is keeping the public on their toes for the new product’s release date. Well I say this; the iPhone 6 should have a 5 or 6 inch screen! Better yet, a holographic screen!

What would be cool though is that the iPhone 6 becomes a built-in device on our hands, perhaps like a watch or glove that can be worn on our hands. That way, we don’t have to pick up the device from our pockets; we can just wear them all the time! Another feature that is quite possible for the iPhone 6 to have is the ability to play MMO games. Instead of using your laptop or desktop computer, you can play with your friends in online games using your handheld device. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Another cool feature that should be added in iPhone is an advanced security feature, like a mini retinal scan or a fingerprint scan on the iPhone 6. This way, the device becomes unusable if someone stole your device. Also, it will prevent nosy kids and parents from taking your iPhone without permission.

More music and movie capabilities, an advance form of GPS or mapping system, and a more durable screen display would probably make the iPhone 6 the best smartphone in the future.


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