Apple iPad 5 Release Date and Features

The September 12, 2012, launch event for the iPhone 5 got the techie and gadget world all in a whirl over whether or not Apple will be holding two separate events for the new iPhone and their new tablet. The iPad 4, so to speak, will most likely not be released at the same time with the new model of smartphone, since it looks like Apple is trying to capitalize from every single update, improvement, and product release of late, perhaps in hope of regaining the mass publicity appeal it lost with the demise of founder Steve Jobs. As such, the iPad 4, which is more likely going to be called the iPad Mini, due to its smaller, 13 by 20 mm size, will probably be launched in early October, in a separate event. But what does Apple have in store for the iPad, come 2013?

  • The system-on-a-chip could be reduced to 28 nm, down from the current 45 nm, in order to save more power on the tablet and reduce its often deplored heat emissions. As such, the battery, too, could suffer a change in size and determine the iPad overall to become thinner and lighter.
  • Some have surmised that a speed bump is required in terms of outward design, while sound quality could be much improved by an added set of stereo speakers.
  • As with the iPhone 5, many iPad fans and users are awaiting the introduction of near-field communication to the next generation of the device. NFC would allow users to employ the iPad as a means of payment at the checkout of any store. Tin-hat types needn’t worry about the potential introduction of this new technology, since an NFC chip could be just as easily turned off as it could be turned on and used.
  • In a similarly expected move as the one mentioned above, the iPad 5 should also operate an IGZO screen, as has been foretold of the next iPhone model. This should also allow the device to be thinner — possibly thinner than or at least as thin as the iPad 2.
  • It has also been surmised that the iPad 5 will also feature improved Wi-Fi speeds on the Wi-Fi ready models. The new model could have an improved speed of 802.11ac 5 GHz.
  • While many have welcomed the addition of the revolutionary retina recognition system to the iPad, others in the gadget world are decrying the device’s insufficiently powerful CPU, in order to properly run retina recognition. As such, a stronger CPU might be a welcome addition to the next generation of the iPad.
  • Heavy gamers have been complaining of the current GPU, which is too feeble to run most games at the 2048×1536 resolution they were intended for. Instead of having users reduce the resolution, Apple could, instead, choose to upgrade the GPU.
  • The already exquisite camera might get a sizable upgrade and boost, from 5 mega-Pixels to 8 mega-Pixels.

In terms of release dates, the iPad 5 is most likely going to hit stores in late 2013, at some point during the fall. Depending on the amount of improvements that Apple will invest into it, it will be released during the same even as the iPhone 6, or in a separate one.

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