Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Nintendo, one of the first and the foremost companies to roll out a video gaming device is back with what it does best – Launch new gaming devices! And, this time it’s got bigger and better as Nintendo’s 3DS XL has come out with a resolution to resolve the issues faced by its predecessor. So, let’s quickly check out, as to what the latest device has to offer.

The design and the build

Nintendo’s 3DS XL opens up like a laptop and fairs above average in its design and build. The screen size has definitely got bigger than the 3DS with its 4.8 inch measurement. Though, the device’s edges are curvy and smooth, the sides are pretty much pinpointing and gives a slight prick when held for long. The three primary keys namely The home, Start and the Select keys have been separated properly from each other, giving it the actual feel of a ‘button’. Apart from that, there are some relocating works that have been done with the device such as the Memory card slot which was present in the center-below of the device has been moved to the console’s right side. Also, the headphone jack has been moved to bottom left corner with the stylus placed parallel on the right corner. The device ships with a default 4 GB memory card and is inclusive of adapters (in North America) and the AR cards. Overall, the device stands solid than its predecessor.


The way the new3DS XL performs is quite similar to the 3DS with the only addition being better 3D. Remember the complaints the users made regarding the ill 3D presentation in the 3DS? Nintendo seems to have taken up the issue seriously and has truly come up with a resolving solution. The device has a better 3D viewing angle and has very well eliminated the dizziness felt after playing in 3D for a while. The effects are good and look better on the larger screen. But, the only issue is that the 3D effect works best only if it is held constant in hand, without the shakes and vibrations. So, if you plan to game on while on the move, it is suggested that you turn off your 3D. Furthermore, the increase in size of the screen is a welcome change, but developers could have given a bit of more importance to its resolution. It feels like, they’ve increased the screen size but ignored the aspect ratios. That’s why, when you play, you can often come across several pixels popping up from nowhere and this really gives a feeling of irritation.

Battery life

Now, the battery is one of the highlighting features of 3DS XL. Nintendo’s promise of a better gaming console does not go in vain. The device offers a solid battery life of up to 5 to 6 hrs of battery life, when the 3D is turned on and a few extra solid hours when the 3D is off. Applauses Nintendo!


3DS XL has the features that allow you to transfer games and data from your previous 3DS series to your new device at the cost of your patience. For the transfer, the device has certain conditions like, the transfer can be done only once in a week and can be done only up to a maximum of five times. Regardless of the downloaded games you transfer, the device will still ask you to download every game title you downloaded manually from the 3DS store. Moreover, the collection of playable titles in 3DS XL is comparatively below average and still needs to come up with some solid titles if it really wants it to make the device much more interesting. You can’t expect people to still play Mario and Mario brothers!

The final word

One of the features that get added up as pluses for the device is its price. Costing around $199, the device still appears cheaper than the actual price of 3DS. Well, to sum it up, the device is truly brilliant in its features, looks and battery life. However, it will be far better if it updates its game library with some really cool and exciting titles (and we really expected a right circle pad). Thus, 3DS XL has all the good features to rise above the 3DS, but still needs to be equipped with some super-cool features if it wants to surpass the VITA.

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