Shaping the Cloud: What Users Are Asking For

With the cloud shift in IT, many users are coming with expectations for the new technology. As with any new innovation, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Where the cloud is concerned, giving the users what they want is the right way. Without users and industries shifting to the cloud, the cloud would fail. Therefore, users are speaking up and here is what they are asking for.

Freedom and Open Source

In the past two decades, enterprises have become accustomed to open source software and development. As the cloud evolves, these enterprises want the same freedoms they have been using for years. The ability to collaborate on development has contributed to some of the best technologies.

An open cloud would offer developers a chance to work on improving and unleashing all of the possibilities the cloud holds. By allowing developers to participate and value in an open source cloud infrastructure, utilize open source APIs and standards, these developers would have the chance to shape the cloud in ways that will not only benefit themselves, but the technology as well.

This type of open source collaboration has shown success in the past with the many distributions of Linux and the evolution of open source programs. These users want the same for the cloud.

Survey Says Open the Cloud

Users’ asking for an open source cloud ecosystem isn’t based on speculation; it is based on a survey run by the Linux Foundation. Based on this survey, 94% of Windows and Linux users state that an open source cloud ecosystem is a requirement for cloud adoption. This is expected as enterprises have been embracing open source for so many years already.

In the same survey, 72% of businesses say that open source software, standards, and the use of APIs are factors they look for when choosing a cloud provider or if they decide to build their own cloud. Without these tools, companies are too restricted to truly utilize what the cloud has to offer.

Another 42% of users also state they plan to add more Linux and open source software within the next year to support their cloud plans. The ability to tailor software, APIs and their OS, is an important asset to businesses worldwide. With many enterprises already utilizing Linux OS, and other open source software, it is natural to integrate an open source cloud to work with their existing standards.

The cloud is still a technology in its infancy. As many users believe, if you restrict the cloud now, it will never develop into what it can truly become, a worldwide standard in computing and information delivery. Allowing enterprises, companies, and users to mold and shape the cloud allows more possibility for the future of cloud computing.


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