How to Move to Higher Levels in the Angry Birds Game

Have you been playing “Angry Birds” for long now and trying to move up the levels? How many of the structures have you managed to destroy? This destruction is essential to rise up in the levels of the game.

If you use the birds properly and help them get revenge for their stolen eggs, you can move to the next level and continue to destroy all the pigs. To move to higher levels quickly, you will have to use different birds, forts and the secret eggs to your advantage.

Use Specific Birds For Quicker Action

The initial stages of the Angry Birds game are quite easy but, as you move to higher levels, the difficulties increase. The pigs start protecting themselves with the help of forts made from stone, ice and wood. In order to help you tackle the growing difficulties, the game offers you the help of three new angry birds – the blue bird, which can help you break glass and the triangular yellow birds can be used to smash ice and wood. You can multiply the blue birds into three after you launch them, for better impact. The black birds can be used to blow up the fort. Drop them in crowded areas for greater points.

Keep An Eye Out For Hidden Objects

There are several objects, like the beach balls, yellow balloons and chests appearing on your screen at different levels. These are not just decorative items. These objects can help you unlock special levels and gather more points. Hit these objects with your bird to unlock the stages and get the golden egg.

The golden eggs can help you unlock higher levels before you have the score to unlock them. These eggs are hidden in specific objects, like the sun that can be seen in the screen where you choose your level. You can get another egg if you go to the help page and then tap the egg that appears at the end of it.

Attack Certain Areas Of The Fort

You can move to higher levels only if you destroy all the pigs in the current level. As the levels increase, the pigs construct intricate forts to protect them. These forts can be difficult to destroy. To move on quickly, recognize which areas of the fort are the weakest and attack them. You will find that targeting such areas brings down the whole structure.

If the fort is built on a wooden structure, then destroy the wooden support of the fort. This will topple the fort and destroy it quickly. Or, target the middle of the fort because that is where most of the pigs are situated. This will help you remove large number of pigs faster so that you can move to higher levels.

Although the above tricks would definitely be great help for you in moving to higher levels and help you boast among your friends about your new achievements in the game every day, but you cannot claim to be a true lover of the Angry Birds game unless you stay updated with all the latest news about its upcoming levels and other happenings. This angrybirdsjournal will be your guide, in case you wish to know about the latest happenings of this game.

It is always better to tune your skills before going to the higher levels as they become more difficult. The better equipped you are the more points you can get there.


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