13 Best iPhone Games Released on September 2012

The money is in the apps and companies know this. The competition is getting tougher and the money earned through the application for Android and iOS is measured in billions. This is why it is always interesting to check the movers and shakers. Let’s see the TOP 12 games created for iPhone for September 2012.

1. Guardian Cross is a Role Play Game and it was released September 13th. What is it good about ?- It is free to download and if you call your friends you will get some nice stuff such as cards with mandragoras, moogles and other monsters known from Final Fantasy (XIV and XII). The game got the highest marks at the app store and it looks like this one is going to be a huge hit.

2. Jet fighters came to the market at the beginning of September and it was an instant hit. It is a boy’s game. There are bombs, missiles, guns, rockets…pretty much everything you may need to destroy the object. How can you not love this game when it is all about destroying and upgrading? If you loved Tp Gun, you’re going to own in this game.

3. Kicker 13 should tell you if you have a good eye and strong leg. If you have two of these you will be unbeatable in this game. That’s what this game is about, kicking the egg shaped ball into the air, and kicking it good.

4. VS. Racing 2 is a great choice for the coming autumn days. Sit down, relax, pimp your car, explore the tracks (36 different tracks), drive as a maniac, try to burn the tires. If you like the smell of the burning tires you should spend a buck on this game and the good times are guaranteed. Released on September 6th.

5. Avengers Initiative is the newest Marvel edition for iPhone. The game is built with the iPhone, iPad and touch screen in mind. So, if you don’t have a touch screen but you want to go around as a Hulk you should get the iPhone a.s.a.p. Of course, the team behind the game promises new levels soon.

6. And now something completely different. Gems with Friends, this sounds so innocent compared to previous games. And it is, it is a cute game that was designed for all ages and for all time.  Drag, drop, have loads of fun. That’s the core of this game.

7. Lets continue in the same mood. Next game on the list is Campers. Have you ever been in the camp? Do you like camp fires? Do you hate when you get lost in the woods? Do you like to outsmart the wild animals? Download now if your answer is YES.

8. Solitaire is something we all have on our PC’s. But do you have one installed on your iPhone? Nope? Well, rush to the Apple store and download this free app to swipe the cards with your finger tips. Developers from Finger Arts have done it again.

9. Okay, so your daughter wants to be a creator and you want her to be happy? If that’s the case you should take a look at this new iPhone game from Disney. Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique is a game that will teach your kid how to dress models, how to sell and how to have good times. The game is free of charge if you want to download.

10. Another Stickman based game where the main character is-Stickman Base Jumper. If you do like stickman games this one will be a perfect fit for you. There are challenges and there are stickman’s trying to solve those obstacles. A good time killer.

11. The Earth is square shaped and you are going to prove it! Well, not quite but you can try, at least, with Block Earth.  Shape your world as you see it, collect blocks, destroy blocks with rocket launchers and fly around with jetpacks. That’s about it.

12. My Dragon is like, like, like…well, like having a pet, but this time inside your phone. You will have to take care of him, feed him, play with him, take out, and dress…Since this game is made for kids, make sure to turn off IAP since there are some pretty expensive purchases.

13. Dear Ladies, we saved the best for the end. With Enchant U you will get the chance to do haircuts, to choose clothes, to gossip, be wicked or noble. You will taste a university of its kind. Oh yes, you can flirt with handsome guys as well.


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