6 Best-Looking Games for your new iPad

The iPad is like nothing else. The technology built inside of the housing will help you get the most out of 225,000 apps available for it. If we are talking about games for new iPad, we should talk about these 6 titles, not that other titles are not good, but those ones look just great on the new iPad. You will kill a lot of time and your iPad will deliver great graphics.

Why settling down for the second best when you can have the best thing in the world-iPad.

1. Metal Storm: Flying a plane is a great thing, but not many people will be able to do so in their life time. This is why there are games called Metal Storm. The best thing about this game is the fact that you can play it on your iPad. This will give you such a great opportunity to get as close as possible to the real flying feeling. The graphics are great (iPad do not have a problem to deliver high quality graphics), the story isn’t too deep (but who cares) and the controls are just fine. Keep dog-fighting.

2. Fruit Ninja HD: Cutting fruits while holding a high-tech gadget is something that you’ve probably never done before. But if this high-tech gadget is iPad (iOS 3.2 and higher) you will get the chance to do so. Magnificent graphics and ease of use is something that will keep your attention for hours. Your finger is going to become a sharp sword. Cut those fruits!

3. FIFA SOCCER 12 for new iPad: The name of the game-Football! We all know that song, right? So, if you like the game in real life, you will like this one as well. The chance to manage 15,000 players does not come often and with FIFA SOCCER you will be able to take your team (choose between 500 teams) and take it to the top. There are different options in the game and it is worth mentioning that you can also buy an app that will make turn your iPhone into controller. Like this you can play against your friend. You both use iPhone as a controller and follow the action on the iPad. Now that’s nifty.

4. Real Racing 2 HD: The racing gets as real as possible with this game. With stunning HD and super-realistic graphics your new iPad will become a new Daytona. The tires are burning while your pedal is pressed to the metal. This is macho game for the real man and some woman of course. How can this kind of game can ever be boring?  It is in the top games for the iPad… which says enough.

5. Infinity Blade 2 HD: This list can’t go without mentioning the Infinity Blade2. The game comes packed with stunning graphics and great story. You will be traveling through the game visiting exotic parts of the planet while trying to resolve the mysteries. The story is great, the weapons and enemies are great and the graphics are super-great. The game will keep your finger tips glued to your Retina for a long time. Once you finish the game you will probably start again.

6. W.E.L.D.E.R: The most powerful word game for the new iPad is out there waiting for you to download it. And guess what, it costs only $2.99 but I bet you will spend more time with this game than all of the above games together. It is a game about spelling the words. This is some kind of crossword game with a twist and it is so addicting! It might sound boring but there is a lot of fun in this app.


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