The Best Internet Service for Online Gaming

Ever wondered if your internet connection is ideal for gaming? If your internet service has been with you for quite some time, you would have probably known the answer to your question. So you might ask what the best type of internet connection is for online gaming. Obviously, speed is the key to answering that question. Unfortunately, not all gamers have high internet speeds. Therefore, most gamers would have to make the best out of what connection they have.

If you have a dial-up connection at home, your worst enemy when it comes to gaming is lag time. If you happen to play with other opponents with faster connections, you will most certainly miss out some happenings. You may also be unable to cope with the game.

High speed internet service is becoming more common today. Not only is it reliable for gamers, it also is very valuable for other things concerning the use of the internet. Speeds of these types of connections will let you maximize your experience and performance at any game you wish to play. These connections include cable, DSL or wireless ones. If you happen to stay in a college campus, you might be lucky enough to have accessibility to a T1 connection, which is the ideal connection for online gaming.

Lag Time

When looking for a good internet connection, your best enemy is lagging. Lagging makes the game jumpy and characters will not respond instantly to your commands. Lagging means you are performing slower than other gamers. This can be disappointing for both end of the gamers, therefore the best internet service for online gaming has minimal lag time. There is actually a technique on how to avoid lagging and this is by manipulating your ping rate. However, this can be a complicated task so it is more convenient to just find a better internet service connection.

Upload and Download Times

A steady download speed is almost all you need to optimize your gaming experience. But if you suffer from frequent spikes in your downloading experience, you have a problem. Inconsistencies in download speed can mean a lot of things such as peak time of internet usage, bad router or bad internet service equipment. Equipment and routers have to be tested in order to optimize your internet experience. However, there really isn’t anything you can do with peak internet usage.

Upload speed, on the other hand, matters only if you are hosting a particular game. Upload times don’t have a lot of effect on lag times except when you are hosting a game with a bad upload speed.

The ideal internet service connections for online gaming is something with a download or upload speed of 30 megabytes per second and above. Most wireless internet connections run at 54 megabytes per second while satellite internet connections have around 40 megabytes per second. Do your homework and research on what connections are available in your area and choose the fastest one. But if you can’t afford the fastest one, choose something within your budget and make the most out of it.


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