Is Samsung Galaxy Player the new Competitor to the iPod Touch?

In all honesty Samsung’s Galaxy Player is the first and the only real competitor to Apple’s iPod Touch. That’s not a mean feat keeping in mind Apple’s unmatched reign over the world market.  After leading the market for over 5 years, Apple has finally understood what it feels like to have a competitor. In Samsung Galaxy Player, we’ve got a device that’s neither as small as the iPod in its size nor as large as the Galaxy Note. So what exactly have we got here? How do we compare and contrast Samsung’s Galaxy Player and iPod Touch?

The iOS in Apple is definitely far more evolved than the Android in Galaxy Player. But being evolved is really not the need of the hour. Android is an open system which makes it easier for apps to be developed independently. That eventually means that the Galaxy Player gives you more choice in the apps arena.

The ability to expand the memory of your player is possible with Galaxy Player. Galaxy Player supports SD cards while Apple doesn’t. Galaxy Player has another chip up its sleeve in terms of better battery plan. Galaxy Player offers users the ability to replace drained batteries on their own. Apple’s batteries are very costly and they are replaced only by Apple.

There is one vital point that’s lacking in Galaxy Player. That’s an alternate to iTunes. The iTunes is a complete media store that offers everything from music, videos, TV shows to movies. Although Android is coming up with new enhancements, it is unable as yet unable to find a true alternate to iTunes. Even though the Galaxy Player lacks a decent iTunes knock off, the quality of sound from both the iPod and the Galaxy Player is equally good. At least as far as our ears can detect.

The 5” display on the Galaxy Player looks great and works great too. The iPod Touch’s display is a measly 3.5” with more pixels packed in that area. That’s 640 X 960 pixels packed in a 3.5” display making the images look tiny and intensely dense. Whereas the 5” display in the Galaxy Player gives more room for 480 X 900 pixels to fit in. This makes the images on the Galaxy Player appear sharper and cleaner.

Since the Galaxy Player is a wee bit bigger than the iPod Touch, it doesn’t manage to fit well into your back pockets. Both Samsung Galaxy Player and iPod Touch are aiming to woo consumers with a wide variety of features. Samsung Galaxy Player is the closest to what was once known as the Personal Digital Assistant. What this means is that regardless of the thickness of your fingertips you can safely continue to typing on the Galaxy Player. The Galaxy Player is good enough to make sense of your typing even if you are not gifted with dainty little fingertips.

Choosing one among these top notch competitors is really a difficult task. There are few distinct differences between the Galaxy Player and the iPod Touch. Samsung has really upped the competition against Apple’s iPod Touch. But, it still remains to be seen if Galaxy Player has all the required and desired features to push Apple’s iPod Touch to take the second place in the race to capture the world market.


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