10 Most popular Mac Apps Useful for your Business

Running an effective business needs good communication with clients. Through mac apps you can stay connected with your clients from anywhere at any point of time. Manual work can be time consuming and include mistakes. There are many mac applications which help in organizing your business.

Daylite: It helps in business organisation with tools such as calendars, projects and notes.  It creates the list to find the exact data fast that can work from anywhere. It updates your schedules so that you can complete the work in time.

Its benefits include

  • Gives the quick overview of all the tasks
  • Using slideovers all the data can be viewed in a single window
  • Flexible linking’s

Billings: It helps individuals to make more money by tracking their time and expenditure. With the help of built in timer you can access the client work without opening new window.

  • Reuse the information available on the computer
  • It provides the facility to use html invoices
  • It integrates the work flow by using apple script

Espionage: It provides security to the data stored on computer. For this you need to encrypt a particular folder. Unauthorised users can’t access the data which is locked by the password facility.

  • Provides built in application facility
  • Uses high security encryption algorithms
  • Allows searching and backup the encrypted folders

Dropbox: It helps in sharing the folders. It is used to keep the track of files and programs which is synchronised between home and office systems to share the data with different people.

  • If the hard disk data is small you can move the files into Dropbox
  • Active projects must be kept inside it
  • Scans the important documents like passports, driving licence

Postbox: It helps in finding the information quickly. It is a powerful tool to organise the work data which helps in finding email messages with good content.

  • Integrates the ideas of web based email and local email services
  • Useful to people who manage large volume of messages
  • Send drop links
  • Searches for what you need and when you need it

Rapid Weaver: It is used to create website on your mac for sharing documents on the web. Within a less span of time it makes a websites and publishes them.

  • It contains 11 built in page types
  • Stunning sites can be created with beautiful themes
  • Websites will be publishes through FTP and SFTP

MarsEdit: It is a weblog editor for weblog writings like emails. It checks for email spellings, drafts and multiple windows. It allows drafting the posts even when working offline.

  • Automatically saves the posts while transferring from computer to computer
  • Provides html text editing
  • Compatibility and great previews
  • Quick file uploads

Socialite: This application is designed to keep you in touch with all the social networking sites. With one interface it manages the Facebook, twitter and flick.

  • It manages all the status photos and news in social sites
  • All the contents can be viewed in single location
  • Manages multiple accounts

EverNote: It allows the information to be available from anywhere at any time. It helps in sharing notes with other business persons.

  • Allow to share the notes between different platforms
  • Provides free 25mb of data upload per month

Growl: This app tells when the things happen. It ensures not to get distracted from work.

  • It is a kind of notification program
  • It is a third party software
  • It tells whether the hardware is plugged or unplugged.

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