Top 5 BlackBerry PlayBook Games you should try

If you still haven’t played any game on your BlackBerry PlayBook, it’s high time to change the situation. One of the purposes the tablets are created is for gaming. And this tablet from Research in Motion gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures of gaming. So here’re top 5 games that will certainly not let you die of boredom.

N.O.V.A. 2

N.O.V.A. 2 is a fantastic shooter that to some extent reminds Halo series games for Xbox. You fight against evil alliance of people and aliens on the planet Scorpios. The plot may be trivial but the game itself is pretty catching – you‘re offered single campaigns, multiplayer mode, a wide choice of weapon. And the most attractive is the price which is only 0.99$. So you should at least try this shooter.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Even if you haven’t played any of the Lara Croft games you should have heard about the movie with Angelina Jolie. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is another chapter of adventurous series of games which is adapted for different mobile platforms including PayBook.

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD

Here we have a successor of Call of Duty game. We may choose one of the three characters and then you’re sent to fight to different trouble spots. Surely you are provided with all kinds of weapon. And there’s multiple mode. Note that at the moment you can download the game absolutely for free (not sure that will be forever).

Plants vs. Zombies

Attention! This game may cause addiction! Plants vs. Zombies is an arcade strategy similar to Tower Defense (if you know what I’m talking about). In this game you have to protect you garden from zombies by panting different protection plants. The more levels you pass the more plants you may grow and the more various are the attacks of zombies.

Dead Space

If you haven’t played Dead space on consoles before you should fill in this gap with PlayBook. Dead Space is one of the scariest modern games. You task is to stay alive on a ship that is full of necromorphs – a mixture of zombies and aliens. Well, maybe it will be harder to get scared by necromorphs when playing the game on a tablet rather than when playing the game in a dark room on your PC with large screen. But nevertheless you will be more than pleased with the game.


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