Mark of the Ninja Review

Online games have become popular around the world as it fulfills every user’s fantasy virtually. They can fight like a warrior, plan like a strategist, fly like a pilot and plot like a mercenary!  Hooded men in complete black attire fighting ten men simultaneously, ninjas are the famous Japanese mercenaries. They don’t have any rules or regulations. They involve in assassinations, espionage and sabotage. Though they don’t fight with honor, these men’s charisma and volatility have attracted the world to them. There are cartoons and games coming up with these men as the central theme. The latest game that has stirred the gaming world is Mark of the Ninja Two. Here is a review on the latest warrior release:

The first look on the game:

You have to move like a panther, shoot like a pro, hold your breath and not make a noise. You are a ninja now! With the same comic book style, Klei entertainment has stamped their mark on this creation. The designs and animation used are signature designs of Klei entertainment. You have a scrolling template on the side with excellent responsive movements. It’s a covert game and of the best you can find in the particular genre.

The game starts with the typical introduction of a great clan in war with a ruthless enemy who knows every trick under the hat. The game will be a pleasure to play with its instinctive mastery you should have over your backdrop and as you advance there is a subtle change from the solid game play to smooth streaming of new abilities, weapons and enemies making the game interesting as you advance.

The features included:

There is a brief tutorial explaining the skills you could use and the weapons or options you get. You can do the typical movements of a ninja: cling to walls, hide under grates and watch for movements without being noticed. You can hide behind trees or blend with the background to take stock of the situation.  There are myriad ways offered to kill the enemies and other deadly weapons. You get armed with an arsenal which contains a killing sword. If you finish a level by successfully dodging the enemy, you get bonus points at the end of every level.

Highlight of Mark of the Ninja:

The well paced five-hour game is the highlight of this 5-hour game. The game is consistent and you don’t get bored at any place with new features introduced and tougher enemies coming in as you advance to higher levels. The environment keeps changing forcing you to ditch old strategies and think of new ones as you go. A safe place in the first level may turn to trap on the later levels and the sturdy you were perched in previously, may crumble under your weight later. The enemies go from not-so-intelligent thugs to night-vision stalkers who can pose real threats to your progress and who can match you equally. Unlike the previous ninja series, this game has a flow to it when you advance from one level to the next. You have to be on your toes throughout the game, even if you become complacent for a few seconds it might turn advantageous for the enemy.

The downside to the game:

However, there are few glitches to the game. Towards the end, the thrill goes down a notch with predictable twists and turns at places. The game ends abruptly without much connection to the plot. Cartoon is a theme that is not preferred by all players. The enemies’ stupidity kind of makes it easier for the player to advance easily if he is consistently stealthy. It could have been better if the enemies are armed with more skills.

The variety in the kills is minimal. You can either slice the enemy’s neck or drive the knife through the belly. The breathtaking animation is not shown to its advantage in many places.

In short:

It is a worthy game to buy. The stealth is spot on with excellent presentation prowess supporting the game. The Xbox Arcade continues to be a platform for generating more creative content and there are chances for ‘Mark of the Ninja’ to be one of the best video games in 2012. Buy the game and become a pro in strategic fighting!


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