Top 5 Tablets of the Year 2012

There have been developments of various tablets that have seen introduction in the market. These tablets are from various firms that offer the same services. The numbers of tablets developed are many and varied. The tablets offer a faster and easier way to complete certain functions such as the communication and enhance the performance of the various duties in the firm. Latest technology of 2012 produced more powerful tablets than before, top of the line tablets include:

1. New iPad

The tablet is undoubtedly the best tablet currently in the market. This is mainly because of the amazing features in the device. These include a 5MP camera that offers a high-resolution quality and also a high power of magnification of the images. There are also other many and various features such as the amazing retina display. This also allows the outlook of images and videos to be of the crisp quality. The device also comes with the A5X processor that enables the performance of various calculations.

2. Samsung Tab 2 10.1

The tablet comes with a unique array of features. This includes a 3.15 mega pixel camera. This allows the taking of high quality images by the camera. It also fitted with good quality batteries that have long lasting properties. The device also has various other unique features.

3. The Nexus 7

The tablet from Google is also among the top tablets that are in the market. The tablet offers unique features that are not available in the other tablets. The tablet operates using the Android platform. The other unique feature on the N7 is the size of the screen. The device comes with a seven-inch screen. The screen is also in high definition. This improves the quality of the videos and pictures on the device. The tablet also has many other additional features. The device is also an economic tablet. This is mainly because the product is easily accessible and cheap.

4. Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The tablet from the tech giants is also one of the unique tablets on the market. The kindle fire offers almost similar services as the other more established tablets. The tablet has unique features such as the unique screen size and enhanced definition of the images on the device.

5. Toshiba Excite 7.7

The tablet is also among many that are the best in the market. This is a more advanced model from the other previous model. It is slimmer and more efficient. This is due to the development in the processor in the device.

There are other many tablets in the market. Amazon announced that it is set to launch the new kindle fire. This is a new development when it comes to the field of the tablets.


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