What to Expect from Lenovo ThinkPad 2 – The Windows 8-Powered Tablet

There’s always a fair degree of excitement whenever a technology major introduces a new product. And when you have two such frontrunners simultaneously doing the same, there’s cause for double delight. That’s exactly the case with Lenovo’s new ThinkPad 2, which will launch with and at the same time (26th October) as Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system. So is Lenovo’s new hybrid computer worth the hype of being one of the foremost Windows 8-enabled tablets? Here’s a sampler of the device’s known features to satiate your curiosity:

External Design

  • The ThinkPad 2, at just under 10-millimeter thickness, is a very slim device yet the tablet feels solid and comfortable to hold in the hand. The all-black chassis further amplifies the professional look of the tablet. Add in the comparatively low weight of 1.3 pounds and you have a perfectly portable and smart device.
  • The large 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen commands a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels, supports 16:9 widescreen viewing, and also carries anti-reflective coating.These facets render vivid colors, sharply-etched text, and decent viewing angles without causing eye fatigue.The touchscreen receptiveness, too, is good with swipes and stylus commands being easily recognized as also due to multi-touch capability.
  • The tablet is armed with a range of impressive functionalities that it encapsulates neatly in and around its svelte frame. These include:

a)      Stylus (at the tablet’s side)

b)      Rear camera (8 megapixels – for superior images and videos)

c)      Front-facing camera (2 megapixels – for video calling)

d)     Mini HDMI port

e)      USB 2.0 port (full-sized – to aid connectivity and exchange of content)

f)       Docking connector

g)      3.5-mm jack

h)      Microphone (noise-cancelling)

i)        Micro SD card slot

j)        Smart Card slot

  • The prerogative to use an external keyboard is a notable aspect of the ThinkPad 2. The included docking connector enables the user to easily attach Lenovo’s full-functioning keyboard and use the device like a notebook. Moreover the company has also thrown in a stylish sleeve to safely house the device in notebook mode.


  • The inclusion of Windows 8 is, of course, the preeminent performance feature. Microsoft’s upcoming colossus is slated to boost the ThinkPad 2 mainly in the following ways:

a)      Better interface with improved graphics and personalization

b)      Enhanced multitasking abilities

c)      Swifter internet via heightened navigational controls

d)     More Apps and improved Apps management

e)      Choice of two touchscreen keyboards for convenience

  • The ThinkPad 2 will ship with Intel’s next generation Atom-based processor, which when used with Windows 8, is expected to deliver fair results in the spheres of speed, ease of menu access, and resilience.
  • The tablet’s entrenched battery is engineered to deliver close to 10 hours of sustenance on a single charge.
  • The ThinkPad 2 boasts 3G and 4G LTE capabilities – a boon for high-velocity data enthusiasts and those always wishing to remain online. NFC support is another bonus.

Other Notable Features

  • The tablet comes with a full corporate suite to aid business users with aspects like perpetual database access, intranet surfing, and customizable programming. One can also harness business applications such as Quicken, Photoshop, and TurboTax for further output.
  • You have the liberty to make complete use of Microsoft Office programs and even share the files via Bluetooth.
  • Enhanced security aspects include fingerprint detection and the ability to create and utilize discrete user identities.
  • The tablet also provides the option to use a digitizer stylus for enhanced input and annotation commands.


If you’re willing to shrug off the relatively high starting price of almost $800, the ThinkPad 2 may very well be your tablet of choice.

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