4 Gadgets that Make the College Experience Easier

Having all the right gadgets and tools for college can make a big difference in the time it takes you to record notes, read through textbooks, and even get through that mountain of homework stacking up at your desk. Here are some fantastic suggestions to make your college experience much more efficient, and even save you some money in the process!

Tablets and eReaders: Books of the New Age

In this day and age there are dozens of choices for eReaders and tablets, but they all serve the same practical purpose. Need a planner or calendar tailored to your needs? As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.” With literally minions of eBooks floating around the inter-webs, students are actually using tablets and eReaders to download full textbooks, saving them potentially hundreds of dollars each semester!

Owning Your Own Computer: A Worthwhile Investment

Having your own computer in college can make a huge difference. Often times college campuses will allow you to use their computer labs until late into the night, but you can’t always count on them to be open exactly when you need them. And what if you need to take your work with you? What if it’s finals week and you’re in need of an all-night study session? Add in the extra-curricular benefits of having a computer at your disposal 24/7, and despite the cost of the initial investment, it’s a purchase worth making for the future of your college career.

Dual Monitors: Man’s new Best Friend

For those a bit more technically minded, and who already have the aforementioned personal computer, a second monitor can be a life-saver in college. There are all kinds of studies that tell you multi-tasking is a bad method of studying, but let’s face it, you’re going to do it anyways. In the heat of an eight hour study block, throwing on an episode of your favorite show while you continue to proofread your term paper can pull you through. Having a second monitor, and being able to display anything you’re working on simultaneously is extremely helpful. Have your documents open on the left, and your music playlists on the right. Keep your tabbed pages of online research right there in front of you while you continue hacking away at that project. It becomes exceptionally useful for anyone looking to edit audio or video as well. This is really an extra expense that’s not necessarily needed for college, but it can make your life a whole lot more convenient.

Personal Printers: No more Trips to the Lab

Few people own their own printer in college, but those that do quickly become a favorite of the entire floor. When it’s 2am and you desperately need to get something printed out, without your own printer there’s a good chance your only option is to wait until morning. With multiple classes and hectic deadlines pressuring you to keep a perfect schedule, that’s not always a possibility. The simple answer is to pick up a basic printer, hook it up to your computer and the building’s internet, and become the most beloved member of your dorm floor.

And hey, we all know finances in college are tight. Why not put a tip jar out next to your printer and collect coins for that perfectly time midnight snack?


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