Ideas Regarding Internet Speed for Different Online Games

Gaming is the passion of almost every teenager, not only limited to teenagers but some elder ones also enjoy playing video games, especially when it comes to online gaming. Online games are not so popular in countries where the majority of people use slow internet connection, and that’s why they’re not able to play online games. One of the strong reasons for the slow internet connection in those countries is the lack of advance and powerful technology in online world. Most gamers try to play online games with slow dial-up internet connection, which actually can’t handle heavy graphics of any online game that requires fast internet connection.

Different online games require various types of internet connections and speed. If want to play a low graphics puzzle game then your local dial-up internet connection may work for you. Because the graphics of those games are low and slow internet connection can process it easily. You can use your dial-up internet connection (at-least 128 KB/s or more) for some low graphical games like online racing games, fighting games and playing online poker games at Party Casino etc. Developers of these games want to make sure that every person is able to play and enjoy and game regardless of their connection speed.

The other type of internet connection is known as DSL, which is more powerful and faster than a dial-up connection. If you’re eager to play heavy multiplayer action online games, then forget about the slow dial-up connection. You need a DSL connection with a speed of at-least 1 MB/s or more to play those heavy games. Examples of those games can be popular gaming series like Need for Speed, Counter Strike and Call of Duty etc.

If you want a smooth online gaming experience then you may need 2 MB/s or more. Because there are some online games available which actually takes more time to load and run smoothly without disturbing you. So, the conclusion is very simple, hardcore online gamer needs 2 MB/s internet connection to enjoy most of the games that are available online.

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