Why is Minecraft So Addictive?

For such a simple game, Minecraft is very addictive. The graphics are deliberately lame, the concept is oh so simple, and the options are limited. So why, then, do so many people love it? Well, actually, it is precisely for the reasons I listed. You see, not all games have to be about flash and fighting. Sometimes you want a game that will make you think, allow you to be creative, and just let you build your dreams.

When Minecraft came out for the XBOX 360 (it was previously just a computer game) the game got a whole new group of rabid fans. While the 360 game is a few upgrades behind the computer version due to platform limitations, the game is still a blast to play on either one. Frankly I prefer the 360 version because you do not have to eat all the time!

The concept of the game is this: dig up dirt or cut down trees to make tools. Then use those tools to dig deeper and get better things to make better tools to dig deeper and… You get the idea. The goal is to be able to create your own world. You start out in an untouched place (or a big city if you join a server) and change it to make it your own. You can build a house out of dirt or wood or even wool if you want to but beware, it can catch on fire if lightning hits it! There are animals too. Cows give you leather, sheep give you wool, chickens give you feathers. You need stuff like that to build a bed to sleep in so you can skip the long nights when monsters come out.

Oh, I didn’t mention the monsters? Yes, at night the monsters emerge. Spiders, zombies, and skeletons come out of the darkness to kill you. Thankfully the dawn rids you of them… well, most of them. The Creepers tend to hang around and they are the worst! Weird green three legged creatures that blow up when you get too close, they can destroy all your work in seconds.

This is another incentive to build some sort of shelter as fast as you can to protect yourself. You can also build armor and customize your character’s clothing options. While dressing up a boxy dude is not the most fashion forward, it can be funny. I especially like the Creeper suit!

For only a small amount, you can buy the game and not worry about all those pesky ‘now purchase this’ things that other games end up with. The upgrades are great and frequent, the game gets increasingly more interesting, and there is co-op play, multiplayer, and even PvP. The options are endless! You can build a city, dig to the center of the plant, stockpile diamonds, harvest wool, set up a store, or anything else you can imagine. No wonder Minecraft is so popular!


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