Most Fun Games for Apple Mobile Devices

The name Apple is synonymous with a lot of things in the tech world. Most recently it is with the gaming world. The graphic upgrades and the apps that have become available for the Apple mobile devices have become comparable to those of even the top quality consoles. This has made the iPad and iPhone quite competitors in the gaming world.

Not every game that is fun to play on your Apple mobile device has to be one with a complex background, or groundbreaking graphics. Some of the most fun games are basic, and were just built in order to help you kill time why you are waiting in line at the bank or traveling on the train to work. There is quite a large variety of games that are available for the Apple mobile devices, and below is a list of the top must fun games that are available on the Apple mobile device.

  • Angry Birds:          

It does not matter what kind of Smartphone that you own, or the types of games that you are normally interested in but Angry Birds consistently it rated as one of the top fun games that are available for download. There are several versions available including the original Angry Birds, Rio, Seasons, and the most recent addition Space. Each version holds its own set of challenges and continues to be fun no matter what your age.

  • Words with Friends:                       

Words with Friends have been around a little while, and have changed very little since its original release. It is basically scrabble that can be played with individuals across the world. Some of the rules are slightly different, but overall it is the same basic concept. It has even added a section where you can watch celebrities play each other. It is an easy game to play a round rather quickly, but is challenging enough to keep you interested.

  • Bad Hotel:                          

Bad Hotel is an absurdly fun game. It is simple, yet challenging and entertaining. Your goal is to build a hotel, sounds kind of boring, right? It is anything but, each time you add a room or a level it offers a new set of capabilities such as defense, construction, or collection. You will need all of these in order to build the hotel for in the process you will be attacked by monsters in which you will need to be able to fend off and repair the damage that they inflict on your building.

  • Horn:                          

Horn is more of your typical style console game. Your are helping a young blacksmith battle the villains in order to try and save the world. He must battle robot style monsters that were once the human race, and try to restore the human race.

  • Plants Vs. Zombies:                     

A plant vs. Zombies is a cute, fun, strategically styled game that is challenging and entertaining. You use cute little plants in order to help blockage the hoard of zombies that is coming after you. There are several obstacles that can also be used to your advantage, but these zombies are not after brains but plants.

  • Infinity Blade:                                    

Enjoy some good ole fashion sword fighting battles on this graphically appealing game. You can battle ogres and monsters that seem to grow as the game progresses each level. It is a fun basic game of good vs. evil.

  • Lili:                            

Lili is a fun game that is rather appealing on the eye. It is not a shoot em up style of game, nor is it extremely violent. It is a game where a young kid is roaming around exploring the land and trying to take down those in power in the nicest way possible. It is great from someone that enjoys a game that offers challenges, but does not require a fast paced action sequence to survive. It is graphically attractive and entertaining, and this is why it is one of the top downloads for Apple mobile devices.

Games for Apple mobile devices range from old school arcade games to mobile versions of some of the top gaming console games such as Call of Duty. There are games for anyone; all you have to do is figure out what interests you the most.


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