Nokia Lumia 920 Preview – Features and Price

Nokia has been getting a set of optimistic press recently. This narrates to a digit of mania, the outstanding maps function which has lead to a contract with Oracle, an innovative parking app, iPhone 5’s stumble, Microsoft latest set up love for HTC, HTC’s inauguration of phones that comprise of the similar colors’, and also almost the identical appearance, as Nokia’s Lumia and hence on, but more often than not it have to do through the opening of Nokia Lumia 920.

The Nokia Lumia 920 – a descendant to the Lumia 900 – has gathered a lot of consideration. It is Nokia’s subsequent bet at snapping the Smartphone souk, and also one on which Nokia’s expectations of endurance as a phone company relaxes. The Lumia 920 is Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 gadget. If the intimations we have been receiving as of Microsoft is to be supposed, it is obtainable to be a vast pace up commencing Windows Phone 7.5, otherwise Mango as it was named.

In sensible language what this income is that the Operating system would hold up additional cores (prior versions of the OS can only hold up to 1.4 GHz solo core chips) and superior resolutions. Captivating occupied benefit of this, Nokia Lumia 920 has a twin center 1.5 GHz mainframe, and 768 x 1280 pixels IPS exhibit by means of the pixel thickness at 332 ppi.

Distant from an invigorated OS, the Lumia 920 will attribute a lot of convention apps from Nokia, counting a bigger actuality app entitled City Lens. It would as well feature a greatly enhanced camera. Nokia states that its camera tech would puff away the contest, particularly in squat light circumstances. Subsequent to a short fiasco above a false record, a tech website even went to Nokia to analyze out the declaration of a superior camera, and lo and observe Nokia’s assert, as a minimum concerning the squat light recital was proved correct.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the best looking handset on promote, by means of its Unique polycarbonate body. Nokia determined not to muddle with a high-quality obsession, and so the 920 as well arrives with a Polycarbonate stiff. Just this time the body is cease. It has extra new colors’, and the display is superior at 4.5 inch athwart. Collectively the intend looks cleanly overwhelming.

A swarm of further features construct the Lumia 920 to be a convincing device, The unique features to charge wirelessly, superior visibility under straight sunlight owing to PureMotion HD equipment, offline drawings and NFC ability being a few of them.

After hearing all the stunning features the most important thing that remains is regarding the price. The phone has been wisely priced to be approximately $711.11 to be at a slighter less than iPhone 5. The phone but has a lot of expectations form the company as it aims to regain its position by this stunning yet to be launched Smartphone. However, a little more wait has to be kept in order to get a physical look and touch of this smartest android device from Nokia.


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  1. it’s starting to show it’s age.. and it’s not rlealy awesome for me.Android is rlealy impresive because you can customize it just as you want but that’s not always a good thing because that means it does not look good and you’re also wasting a lot of time.WP7 is having an amazing UI . I rlealy hated it in the beginning but I fall in love with it. It has many applications (not as many as Android or iOS) but it has the one you need (Currently 40.000). It’s also having XBox