Dishonored Review – Story, Gameplay and Graphics

Dishonored is one rare game that allows the players to actually make their choice. Developed by Arkane Studios, the game stands apart from the rest and offers the players to take their free-will decision to unfold the game’s storyline. So, let’s quickly check out as to how this cross platform game (PS3, Xbox and PC) actually fares.

The Plot

The game boasts of a gripping storyline that is set at the backdrops of Dunwall, an industrious city based on 17th century London. The story revolves around the protagonist Corvo Attano, who is the most trusted bodyguard of the empress. Situations turn against him, when he is accused her murder (hence the title – Dishonored, we believe). Unable to withstand the blame, the protagonist sets on a mission to avenge the actual murderers and prove his innocence. Players take up the role of Attano and are aided by an anonymous person, who bestows magical powers to the assassin-turned-bodyguard. How he achieves this feat, forms the rest of the game.

The Game Play

This first person action adventure game combines the tactics of a free style attacking system and stealth style combating techniques. The players are required to undergo a series of assassination missions & qualifying levels and are given a complete freedom in selecting their fighting style. The game offers several ways and paths for completing missions and the progression usually depends on players’ decision. Also, the players can either follow a path of brutal violence to achieve their mission or follow non-lethal tactics to complete a mission.

The game’s environment is designed for ample exploration that includes areas such as estates, docks, rural streets and bathhouses. Also, the players can visit a recreation center amidst game missions, where they can receive upgrades, convert their loots for skills, get mission briefings and switch objects. One of the blessing features of the game is that it allows the players to save the game from anywhere apart from a checkpoint save system.

The game’s stealth mechanism truly needs a mentioning. It allows the gamers to actually finish a level without attacking a single opponent. This includes local villains, thugs and the main bosses. Some of the stealth attributes of the game include the player’s ability to peep through keyholes to learn what’s happening inside, to lean against a wall away from the enemy’s vision and utilizing light sources to his favor. Also, the game, instead of evaluating and progressing according to the intentions of the player, actually evaluates using a chaos mechanism. This means that the world and the story will react according to the damages and assassinations done by the player, allowing them to stick to the same class of combat style till the end of the game.

Player Abilities

The game offers a total of six primary powers and four ability enhancements to its players. Also, known as bone charms, these enhancements may be made according to the users’ preference. For instance, if the user prefers to use stealth techniques to complete the levels, he can upgrade his boots to much silent footwear that makes zero noise while walking and assists during free runs. And, if the player wishes to go for the kill mode, he can resort to upgrades and enhancements that give added effects to attacks such as grenades, whirlwinds and other conventional weapons.  The game throws in plenty of rewards, which can be exchanged or claimed for upgrades and enhancements.

Some of the other notable powers and abilities of the player include Possession – that allows the protagonist to possess the other characters in the game, Dark Vision – allows the players to see through walls, a unique teleportation ability known as the Blink, a power to perform clueless assassinations called Shadow Kill and a time freezing ability called Bend Time and much more.

One of the other interesting game play features of Dishonored is the alertness level of the characters. The in-game characters are very much sensitive to player movements and their alertness ranges from a normal to a pursuit, which sends the characters in search of the players. Also, the movements of the player’s allies alarm a multiple levels of suspicion and alertness that makes it easier to find the protagonist.

The Graphics

The game is not just great in terms of game play but in graphics and representation as well. The in-game environment has been beautifully crafted with intricate care given to the surroundings and details. The developers have used some really decent colors and contrasts to depict different areas of the game (warehouses, industrial areas, rooftops etc.) and have overall made the game visually appealing.

The Closing Comment

Amidst games that claim to offer much freedom and options to gamers, Dishonored is truly one game that lives up to its claims to the fullest. The controls are simple and playable, despite the complex game play techniques. With some supporting features like a gripping storyline, graphics and combat styles, Dishonored is indeed a game to be honored. Go for it!!


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