6 iPhone Apps that Increase your Math Skills

Not a lot of people are gifted in math but lucky for you, there are tons of iPhone apps that you can download to help you out. Make sure to download the ones that will really give you quality information and also those that are reliable to use for a long time. Here are some of the top and most user friendly iPhone apps you can download that will also help improve your math skills.

WolframAlpha (Universal)

If you are looking for a mathematical companion that will not only aid in your addition and subtraction but one that can help you out with more serious mathematical equations, then WolframAlpha is your best choice. This popular mathematical iPhone app is very easy to use and it goes as far as teaching you about graphs, cubic equations, statistics, physics, calculus and a whole lot more.

Calcbot (Universal)

If you are looking for a better calculator to install into your iPhone, then Calcbot should be your best choice. This advanced calculator has a built in sound and can also solve scientific mathematical functions with just a single press. In case you forget to list down your computations, Calcbot guarantees automatic saving software that allows you to track down all your numbers in an instant.


Apollonius is an iPhone app that will certainly help improve your math skills specifically in Geometry. With its built in advanced geometric applications, you are guided when solving problems easily. This app also features a compass that you can use and navigate around with easily when trying to solve angles, distances, and so much more.

Math Ref (Universal)

If you are good in solving mathematical equations but not necessarily in memorizing mathematical terms, then download the Math Ref app now and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything again. With its built in range of mathematical words, now it will be a lot easier for you to figure out the difference between a positive and negative slope.


Now, if you’re looking for something lite and something that can serve as a kind of refresher’s game, go for the SkyNumbers app that will help improve your mathematical skills by giving you basic equations that you need to solve. The numbers literally fall from the sky and when it’s there, you have to combine them with other numbers to get the desired result. The app’s layout is also very cute so this wouldn’t bore you out.

Mathematical Apps for Kids

If you wish to download apps that can help kids with their math subject, then go for those that are easy and direct to the point. Some of the best options for apps include Cute Math, Math Magic, Number Rumble and a whole lot more.

Now that you know the various math applications that you can download to your phone, what more are you waiting for? Consider yourself lucky with these technological advancements that will finally make it easier for you to hone your math capabilities.


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