PacMan – Some Games Stick Around

PacMan has been one of the most popular arcade games since gaming became a “thing” in the 80’s. If all the hours people have spent playing PacMan were added up it would probably reveal that a serious slice of world history goes to the big mouthed character. Just about everyone on the planet has tried their hand at PacMan at some point. Yes, he has even wondered out the jungles and places where other vestiges of civilization have yet to make their mark. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration. But it is more than fair to say that PacMan is internationally known and loved. It’s one of those games that many who started playing in the 80’s have never stopped playing.

PacMan games can be played in arcades, and there are some older handheld devices that are solely dedicated to the game. But, today PacMan fans need look no farther than the internet to engage in hours of their favorite game. PacMan games online are mostly free to play, and require no complicated software or downloads.

If you are a true PacMan enthusiast from way back when, you will probably notice that there are some slight differences between the online version and the arcade version of the game. The game might move a little slower online than your remember it doing in the arcade (that might also be because you are more skilled at it now), and some say that the ghosts don’t always know what they’re supposed to be doing. That being said, PacMan is still the same addicting game it’s always been. To play PacMan online you just need to do a simple search for the game. You will find plenty of sites to choose from, pick one and get playing. They’re free.

Obviously, PacMan is not the most cutting edge game in the gameosphere, but it has earned its place and continues to engage players of all ages. As far as games go, it is a good game for kids as it is non-violent, simple to play and great for simple relaxation. It’s one of the games whose playability spans generations. And, if you can’t find an arcade, or don’t want to part with your quarters, remember that it’s free to play PacMan online.

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