The World Belongs to Hello Kitty

One of the most beloved and cute cartoon character has to be Hello Kitty. The cute white cat was designed by Yuko Shimizu and its production started in 1974 by the Japanese company Sanrio. The secret of success behind this mega brand is marketing – Hello Kitty has appeared on everything, starting from bags, T-shirts to make up products, sheets and school supplies. If your little girl loves this pretty Japanese bobtail cat, then why not introduce her to some online games for girls that star this pretty kitty. The following types of games can be found online with only the help of a quick search.

  • How about some dress up? Get her in a funky dress, a straw hat and some flip flops and she’s ready for the beach. Or, put on some fancy outfit and nice jewelry and she’s ready for a night out on the town.
  • There’s another cute dress up game where you can dress Hello Kitty for the winter. She’s so cute in her little mittens and boots while she’s playing in the snow.
  • Help Hello Kitty get out of a maze and fast! Use your arrows and guide her, but be careful, there are nasty insects and bad creatures. Help her escape and have her smile be all the reward you need.
  • How about you help Hello Kitty decorate her car? There’s a fun game out there that helps you do just that! You can change the color of the car, add flowers, whatever you want. After you’re done, Hello Kitty will look great in her brand new car.
  • You can even paint a picture of this purrrfect cat. You have a canvas, some brushes and plenty of colors to paint the prettiest picture. When you’re done you can show off your work of art to your friend, even print it and put on the fridge.
  • More games include Hello Kitty Jewels where you have to swap images in order to match the cats and when three or maybe more match then you get points. And you get to meet Kitty’s great friends while you’re having fun!
  • You can even try some Hello Kitty puzzles. Choose from a variety of images and try to recreate it. Begin with the 12 pieces and as you get better at it, gradually increase the number of puzzle pieces to 24, 48, 64 or even 99!

Go on, don’t waste any more time – invite your little princess to play some Hello Kitty or just play online Hello Kitty games for girls and she’ll have fun and learn new and exciting things!

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