Top 3 Fresh Plugins for Firefox

There is a reason why Firefox is the world’s most popular Internet browser. Chrome and Opera users will argue that the reason has nothing to do with customizability, since the aforementioned two browsers are much more customizable that Firefox. Be that as it may, Firefox is promptly updated by its developers, which ensures stability, and is not doing half bad in terms of extensions, plugins and add-ons. If you’re looking for a tailor-made, enhanced browsing experience that takes your favorite websites and apps into consideration, here are three plugins you should definitely be adding to your Firefox.

  • Facebook Away

As social networking platforms gain prominence and rise to the forefront of our browsing habits, more and more developers are focusing on seamless Facebook and Twitter integration. The iPhone 5 is one example, as it now allows users to post right from their Notification Wall, and Firefox is another. One of the up-and-coming extensions for the popular browser allows you to quickly access all your Facebook Bookmarks with the mere click of a button on your toolbar.

  • YouTube to .mp3

Remember the days when you’d try to figure out novel ways of downloading .mp3 format files from YouTube? Those days are resolutely gone, ever since various desktop apps and plugins for Internet browsers have appeared. However, the problem with most plugins and toolbars is that they also add unwanted software, such as adware, or even Trojans or malware to your machine. Luckily, we stumbled across a brand new plugin, which allows you to download songs from YouTube absolutely free of charge. It takes around 10 seconds to download on most connections and is compatible with just about any major browser, such as Chrome and IE, aside from Firefox, of course. It also adds a Facebook button to your toolbar and several free radio stations.

  • Read It? Reddit!

Reddit is a popular browsing enhancement platform that allows you to share interesting or otherwise relevant web-pages with an ever-increasing community of users. The Reddit Enhancement Suite extension for Firefox adds several functions to the toolbar, such as Never Ending Reddit (you go from one page to the next without having to click the “next page” button”) or Keyboard Navigation that adds keyboard shortcuts for a more efficient navigation experience. One exciting feature, especially for those interested in the underpinnings of social media, is Uppers and Downers, which allows users to see the vote totals, otherwise hidden behind the platform’s interface, that influence the popularity of any page shared via Reddit.

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