HTC Desire V – Ideal Smartphone for using 2 Different Networks

Naming a Smartphone that can job well with two sim cards in addition with particular features would be a difficult thing to do. This is because even today there are not much models that are handful. And all those that are available are low-powered device, cheap priced and even do not belong to a popular mobile brand.

The demand for a dual Smartphone is still high as there are number of masses who desire to make use of two different mobile networks by making use of a single handset. Keeping the high demand in mind and as well observing the missing strong brand associated with dual sim smart phones, HTC has come up with its first launch in regard to dual-sim and that is the HTC desire V. the decent hardware and appealing design makes it to be like any other HTC Smartphone’s. In reality, the phone has been rated as a mid-range phone by HTC but its amazing and unique features like 4-inch screen with glow on the front side, 1 GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera and yet android 4.0 ice cream sandwich makes it a phone that every youth desire to grab.


The HTC Desire V thin width of 9.3-millimeter-thin  fits nearly entirely in the palm of everyone who holds it, gratitude to its graded back panel, and its girth permits for the users thumbs to smoothly reach every turn of its displayed screen. Beneath this amazing device’s 4-inch exhibit it contains the trio of Android keys, which luckily are not horizontal to unintentional presses. However most prominently, the Smartphone is fairly am eye-catching looker. Its fair plastic corpse has the identical premium experience one would be able to get by means of the polycarbonate-created, that is, HTC One X flagship, not to talk about that the tinny essentials on the phone’s back surface with no trouble vicious circle to catch everyone’s eyes.


one has to surely provide HTC several credit for organizing to place a 4-inch display screen on a Smartphone of such size. The HTC Desire V games are an extremely gorgeous LCD display by means of a decree of 480 by 800 pixels. The display conveys attractive colors, has civilized screening point of view, and its outside visibility is enough for at ease use. Certainly, the pane isn’t something stunning specs-wise, yet for a Smartphone of this group, it certainly gets the work done excellently.

Few accessories that a HTC desire v box will contain are:

-Wired stereo headsets

An advanced earpiece to hear the best quality sound

-Wall charger

To charge the phone battery

-MicroUSB data cable

To transfer files from one device to another

-Lots of papers

The papers are a quick printed manual to help the users obtain complete specifications of the phone and assistance regarding every function.

Thus, the HTC desire V is a cool Smartphone and even affordable for mobile lovers who wish to obtain a device that can manage to work with two sim at the same time with lots and lots of high specifications and features.


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