NBA 2K13 Review

The NBA 2K series is well-known for their sports based games designed for consoles and PC’s. Many were taken off-guard when the company announced their latest version of games NBA 2K13 for mobile phones. NBA 2K13 is fully focused on the basketball game which is featured with 5 on 5 matches. You are liberal to choose to play from the 3 primary modes quick match, practice and multi-season. The modes are self explanatory; however, the multi-season mode enables you to play all the seasons, including the ever popular NBA playoffs. “NBA’s Greatest games” is an additional mode which can be used to re-experience the greatest moments of a game. The game does provide a real run to the championship.

Shot stick

A set of detailed objectives are in place which has to be completed in order to win the game. Fatigue and injury, the most common illness in any game can be strongly experienced. You are set free to complete the duty of a coach, make substitutions, change tactics and also announce timeouts. That sounds interesting. The analog stick in the right is improved when compared to the previous versions. The stick can now fine tune the shot approach high up in the air, control dribbles and perform every single move with an elegant style. Performing spins and crossovers with the help of the analog stick gives a natural feeling. However, it is a little tricky to handle the stick while you are playing a serious game. Same kind of action cannot be expected from the stick- your player might strike at the right moment or move behind when not required. This is kind of confusing and at times you may need to use the face button to stop the action and then force the shot. The shot stick is a boon when driving through a crowded lane. NBA 2K13 handles some adverse situations perfectly well.

My Career

This is an expanded role of My Player where you can get drafted, start from the NBA rookie and climb the ladder of success. This feature is rightly named because it can be used to monitor your player’s growth and make him famous in the NBA. However, anything that happens outside the court is a nasty mess.

Your Player

You are free to chat with scouts & GM and conduct interviews. This helps you to develop a good understanding between your team, fans and management. Your player has the same gigantic look with long arms and strong legs. NBA 2K13 handles the progress of your player slightly different.  The new currency system is a driving force for a better performance. Challenges pop up every now and then in random matchups, number of rebounds and others which earn you Virtual Currency. VC can be earned just by doing anything in the game however, the payouts are less. The game begins with 1000 virtual currency which can be spent on shoes, cosmetics, hairstyles or on functional items like signature skills and attributes.

Signature skills help you to make your player unique which helps the team to win the game. Other skills can also be purchased to create multifaceted players who bring success to the team. You can also improve your player’s stats by enrolling in the “Legends training camp”. If you are lucky, Larry Bird might train you to perform correct jump shots, and Jordan to perform dunks and lay-ups. These training programs will teach you the control scheme provided you have to pay to enroll. My Team is another big feature that has been added to the NBA 2K13. Eventually, My Team comes as a distraction when compared to My Career.


The foundation of the game is pretty excellent.  Things that happen on the court are responsive and the mechanism of the game is awesome. On the other hand, outside the court everything has been spoiled to the core. My Career and MyTeam fail to impress as in the previous versions.  This might be the best basketball game that you would play this year. The game does not thrill you but entertains you when stuck in boredom.


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