Types of Jobs In the Field of Information Technology

Computer science and IT industry is expanding rapidly in the recent few years. Many new technologies have come up as a result of which many new job opportunities have arisen in the market. People who have enough knowledge of It are highly in demand in the market for varied Job roles all across the globe. The employment opportunities for the information technology professionals can be grouped as follows:

1. Research scientists: These people design and invent new technology and chips which helps in shaping up a better tomorrow. Their field of work includes study of complex problems in the fields of business, medicine, sports, science etc and they apply their knowledge if IT to it.

2. Computer programmers: These guys are also known as coders as they write efficient codes and programs for software developers. They write in the machine readable language.

3. Computer support specialists: These guys assist and advise the laymen and businesses in the efficient implementation of IT to their homes and offices.

4. Systems analysts: These guys do the work of studying and analyzing the computing needs and requirements of an organization. They will analyze the present implementation, suggest changes for efficiency and help the business to be equipped with the latest technology to make more profits.

5. Database administrators: These are the guys that handle all the data. The database of system administrators deal with a large chunk of data and organize it in suitable form in the databases. The reports are generated based on the databases and are used all over the organization for strategic management.

6. Security analysts: The security analysts ensure that the organization’s computing infrastructure and data are free from threats and attacks. Threats included viruses, Trojan horse, worms whereas attack may include intruders and hackers. The analysts make sure that the computers are equipped with the best security software and set the strictest parameters of access to the businesses. This helps is securing the confidential data and helps the company in the long run.

7. Web developers: These people are efficient in creating dynamic and excellent functioning websites.

8. Network architects: These guys are responsible for the networking infrastructure of the organizations. Deciding the bandwidth, providing the system IP addresses, setting up the routers is the functions carried out by the network architects.

9. Software developers: These are the guys with a creative mind. They are responsible for designing the life cycle and concepts of all the new products. The applications that they develop are based on the customer orientation and market segmentation.


While all of these jobs pay handsomely well, you should consider the role that fits your personality the best. There are many sub categories in each of these areas, so after you have decided the field, you can focus on a specific role in the organizations and apply for job accordingly. This way, it will help you to be interested in your work, contribute to the society as well as get good bucks.


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