Review of Apple iPhone 5 – Success OR Failure?

Apple has already released its latest iPhone version via the iPhone 5, which they promise to be better than its predecessor. Many people have long waited for the new iPhone to come, and that’s because the company has only good things to say about their latest gadget. It is said to be thinner, lighter and faster than iPhone 4S. But let’s see if there really is something worth looking forward to in this sleeker version of iPhone.


Made of an aluminum body and a glass screen, it measures 7.6 millimeters in thickness, which is claimed to be the thinnest of all LTE smartphones in the world. It weighs only 112 grams and is available in black and white models. The screen is 4 inches long. Apple said that the pixels in this phone works as the touch-sensing electrodes aside from displaying the images. This was done to make it possible for a thin device to produce quality screen resolution. Apple’s iPhone 5 has LTE connectivity that makes it faster than the iPhone 4S. It uses the A6 CPU, which is twice as fast as the previous iPhone. Battery life supports 8 hours of LTE browsing and 3G calling, 10 hours of browsing through the Wi-Fi and 30 hours of video playing.


Apple is proud to announce the upgraded quality of camera in the new iPhone. It is equipped with an 8 megapixel sensor and five element optics, hybrid filter and a good aperture. It boasts low light photography by being able to analyze which noise should be reduced and left alone. Capturing the image is 40 percent faster than the previous model. A new feature is added called the panorama mode that captures a panorama automatically. It also uses a gyroscope to produce clean shots. It can detect faces and tag people, and allow you to take still images while recording a video. If you love to use FaceTime, you can enjoy it even more as the phone has a front camera.

Introducing: Lightning

Lightning is the new dock connector in iPhone 5. The chunky connector bids farewell and welcomes the newest and easiest to connect Lightning. It slots perfectly regardless of the way it is connected, such as upside down or right side up. It is also very small and durable and even better than microUSBs. Lightning comes after the Thunderbolt connector, but is independent from that one.

iPhone 5 is certainly an important improvement of the previous model. It adds everything consumers wanted to see on their new phone such as a 4G LTE, a larger screen and a faster processor. It was able to address the major shortcomings of the iPhone 4S. It gives you a chance to rethink about giving up your Android or Windows phone and give this iOS phone a chance. There are some noted weaknesses though, such as with the maps and the small connectors, but to date, it is still the best version of the iPhone and is a great buy for those who want a truly “smart” phone.


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