Top 5 Mobile Security Mistakes

According to the latest researches the mobile security problems are the most important for the security specialists. The number of malware, virus and malicious apps developed is growing rapidly. However, if PC users have got used to protect their devices, mobile users still consider their mobile phones to be a more secure place than their computers. And that’s why sometimes mobile users who store lots of personal data on their phones become easy targets for hackers due to the mistakes made.

So, what mistakes should be avoided? Let’s check out the top 5 of them.

1. Loading of privacy-invading apps 

If the app is developed by a proved company or developer, there is a warning about the possible use of personal data with which a user should agree. The good news is that more than half of the users don’t load such apps. However, there is another half (or a bit less, 43%) of people who just don’t read the agreements and allow the gathering of personal data on some third-party servers. It is inadmissible in case you want to save your personal information.

2. Phone losing or stealing

Most of the mobile phone owners have faced with the situation when their gadgets were stolen or lost. And all the data saved there was lost as well. To prevent data leakage, just make sure that there are sure passwords on your accounts, there are no saved passwords or any private data available for everyone. And, of course, watch out Smartphone thieves.

3. No data backup

Even though there are chances of the phone being stolen or lost or broken, less than 18% of users make regular backups of the data. It is not right. Make copies, write down important information in several places.

4. Other people use the phone

Your phone is your private thing. But many people allow others to have an access to it. And later pay for it as you never know what other people have done with it.

5. Use of unsecured Wi-Fi networks 

Despite the whole convenience of free Wi-Fi networks, they can hardly be called secure. So, even if you do use such networks, be sure that your personal data is locked by special applications.

There are a number of mobile applications developed by trusty companies that you may use to safe your data, such as from Symantec, Norton, Kaspersky Lab, and others. Just treat your smartphone or tablet like your personal computer (in fact they are almost computers now) and don’t let anyone steal your information.


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