Apple iPad Mini vs. Microsoft Surface Tablet – Comparison and Problems

Well, the latest update as you might have already known is the inauguration date of Apple’s Mini iPad which is October 23rd, 2012 on Tuesday. As everything is now starring the announcement Apple is going to make, the so called Cupertino-watching industry might were expecting a declaration very last week. What made the date go end of this month is a question you might get answer here.

The Initial Launching Confusions

According to the approach by the Occam’s Razor, the starting of October wasn’t suitable for Apple as the Company needed about two weeks more for preparation. Logically, it can be true as the company might be working on the software production or testing is required. Another possibility can be to receive more publicity as compare to the earlier date and to get more hype for the new Apple’s production.

Whether it is a concurrence, a contingency or a planning, this date of launch is quite fruitful for Apple’s miniature tablet, as it will include the coverage of release, the journalists’ reporting and discussions on columns etc about the strategy, features, pricing and much more.

Although, Apple would have this popularity at any date of the month, but the main possibility which is logical and planned at the same time is the Microsoft’s media lawn on which Apple has burdened a roller.

Microsoft’s Presentation of Products

On 26th of October 12, the Microsoft has scheduled the launch of Windows 8. Microsoft is really trying for marketing and advertisement of the product and they are not going to be the attention seeker neither the Windows Phone 8 will attempt to be the spotlight on the 29th of October 12.

The Clash with Tablet Surface RT

While this spar and collision with the Windows Phone 8 and the Windows 8 is interesting and fascinates the people but the biggest of all the collisions will be against Microsoft’s release with the Tablet Surface RT.

The Microsoft Surface Tablet is likely to be a great threat for Apple which will integrate the business and IT functions as being modish, and finest and also suspicious price judgments are being made about it like Apple iPad Mini. It might pose danger in addition and in collaboration with the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

What October will bring and close with

There is always a potential and nothing is impossible at the same time. But it’s really hard that the Surface Tablet is able to meet the criteria of Apple’s iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is expected to give maximum sales and earn in millions. The sale will start probably after the inauguration by Microsoft. Therefore, there will be reviews and record numbers about the latest Apple Mini and it is inevitable that Microsoft’s Surface will be facing direct contrast with the iPad Mini. Consistently, when seen in comparison, the Surface is hard to match and judged better than Apple iPad Mini even if the two have different target markets and goals. Would it be still better for Surface Tablet to launch itself on the due date?


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