Best Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for Android

The apps in this article are a mixture of paid and free apps. They each have their own charms but if you are looking for the best free app then number eight on the list, “PicsArt” is the best free app on the market at the moment.

1 – PicsPlay Pro

This is a good app if you want to keep the high resolution of your photos when you edit them. For example it is a pain if you have to convert BMP to JPEG. This is a handy app for keeping the high quality of your photos intact. It has a great number of filters and altering categories. It also has most of the image editing tools such as rotate etc. One of its best tools is its compare function. It allows you to see what your picture looks like now and what it used to look like.

2 – Mytubo

This gives you fourteen toy cameral affects. They are not anything innovative, but do offer a fun way to alter your photos. You can also add real time effects, so that you can take a photo whilst the effect is going on at the same time. You can alter your photos and upload them onto a social media site. The filters have a way of making photos eye-catching.

3 – Awesome Miniature Pro

If you would like to add a little depth into your photos and alter the focus quickly then this is the app for you. There are a few formats you can choose, plus you can do things such as blur the images or adjust the strength of your effects. It also has a few filters you can play with.

4 – Fotolr Photo Studio

This app has a very impressive GUI that is both functional and visually pleasing. You can use the basic settings such as cut, etc, or you can use some of its more inventive tools such as being able to add objects into the picture (amongst other things).

5 – TouchRetouch

This has the features you would expect from retouching software but it also has other tools that make it stand apart (at least a little bit anyway). There is a clone stamp feature and a feature that allows you to remove objects and elements from a photo. It also has a 1:1 compare image viewer too and it allows you to save your picture in other formats. There are no adverts on the program and they are saved in their original resolution.

6 – Adobe Photoshop Express

There is a mobile phone version of this software that is available on the Android. They only have basic functions but if you are used to using the Adobe Photoshop then this app may suit you. They have not restricted as many of the functions, more they have restricted their use.

7 – AfterFocus

With this app you are able to create DSLR-ish photos. You can set different focuses on your pictures and set mid and BG focus on your backgrounds for more depth. You are able to create some very professional looking photos with this app if you get used to using it.

8 – PicsArt

This is a free app and yet has quite a lot of photo effects and altering devices on it. It has a great number of filters and tools such as allowing you to draw on the image. You can even alter the filter affect too (which is not commonly seen on apps). For a free app it is probably the best app on the market.

9 – Pixlr-o-matic

This app has a lot of light filters, photo frames and photo filters. It has a lot of choice but sadly it will only allow you to use one filter at a time. If you want to use a lot of filters then you will have to save the picture and upload it again.

10 – BeFunky

This is a free app that is available online. It allows you to alter your photos and edit them with up to twenty effects. It is now available as a free app on the Android and is not a bad way of killing a few hours playing with your photos on your phone.


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