Top 5 Motorcycle Racing Games for PS3 Lovers

As a virtual racer, you want a motor racing game that can equal to a real racing experience. PS3 with its amazing graphics and in-built sound system gives you the opportunity to play a motorcycle race with the latest simulation and have a real life experience with the same thrills and excitement. The five most popular motorcycle racing games for the PS3 are:

1. Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is popular among PS3 players because you get to experience a game with strong plot line and great graphics. Since you play as a member of the underworld biker gang, the feel of the play is raw and gritty. Although motorcycles are not the main focus of the original game, but The Lost and the Damned lets you be a part of a biker gang and race around the city in bikes while eliminating rival gang members.

2. MotoGP 10/11

MotoGP 10/11 is the latest version from the franchise of MotoGP and it makes use of the artificial intelligence. This feature makes your gaming experience realistic by giving you a riding style unique to you. You can choose from 17 racetracks using the best motorcycles. The online version allows you to use the PS3 and play with 20 other players.

3. SBK X

With your PS3, you can participate as a player in the World Superbike Championship. You can use the virtual versions of the bikes used in the series and race along the graphic models of the famous race tracks. You can also play the famous races of legendary riders and better their records. If you are a fan of the Championship, you have these modes to quench your thirst, while as a normal player you get to play in the simple arcade games. The popularity of the game is due to its wonderful overall graphics.

4. Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Street racing is more thrilling and exciting than a race on a set track. Men prefer blood, gore and destruction and this game will give you that and much more. Midnight Club: Los Angeles will let you race around the streets of LA on your speeding bikes. There are over 300 races for you to choose from.

5. MX Vs ATV Reflex

If you prefer off road and dirt races better than track racing, then you can play MX Vs ATV Reflex or Motor Storm on your PS3. These have excellent graphics and the experience of racing through some of the most scenic desert locations of America is almost life-like. The dirt race tracks always keep changing after a race, as the track is carved out by riders, the track never gets familiar and you don’t get bored even after playing the games many times.

The motorcycle racing games, with its thrills and spills, ensures that you have an enjoyable time at your gaming console.


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